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“Art in the Center”, whose second edition in Brest will be seen from this Thursday, November 17, 2022, and for several weeks, intends to combine the promotion of contemporary art to the general public and the potential of free advertising. buildings. Bassin caresse, a non-charity founded by the sisters Maëla and Anne Bescond at the beginning of 2021, is behind this event, organized in close cooperation with the city of Brest and the Metropolis.

This year, the opening will be marked by a night walk that will connect ten buildings with the works of sixteen guest artists.

Opening under the spectacle sign

Maëla Bescond says: “Our main idea is to offer artists extraordinary exhibition spaces, to introduce their works to as many people as possible”. But that’s why, until January 15, 2023, to bring art to the general public, who can watch his works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

People don’t want to present their buildings to us for a few weeks. However, they will have everything to win!

The focus will be on performance this Thursday. “We want to demonstrate that works on display can be enhanced by performance, movement and vice versa.” And why walking? “Walking, being in motion encourages discussion. It’s less stuffy than it should be for the public to remain static in the face of things! We already want to bring Art back to the center every year! “says the young woman.

It is difficult to convince the owners

However, the downside of this enthusiasm: a certain reluctance on the part of building owners. “I do not understand! “He admits that the young woman was disappointed. “We applied to real estate agencies and tried to contact about a hundred storefront owners… Other than that, no luck! People don’t want to present their buildings to us for a few weeks. However, they will have everything to win! We clean the buildings, equip them, take responsibility for the lighting… All this makes these places beautiful, and our presence does not prevent a possible sale: we can leave the building in a few days.” The young woman quotes from her younger brother Ti-zef’s art in the center of Liege: “There, in Belgium (even if the city is bigger), they publish four times a year, each of which is about twenty different showcases. time and they have no trouble finding a building! “. So the call is open…

Artist Anthedemos is working hard to complete the installation of one of his works installed at 68 rue Yves-Collet in Brest. (Photo The Telegram / Arnaud Morvan)

If by chance someone wishes to buy a piece from one or more of the exhibitors during these two months of the exhibition (many of them are from Brittany, but also from the Paris region, Lyon, Marseille, Belgium, Portugal. ), “we can put them in touch”, assures Maëla Bescond . “But we are not the agents of all this, it is not our role! she smiles.


Art au center – Brest #2, from Thursday, November 17, 2022 to Sunday, January 15, 2023. Vernissage walk this Thursday, November 17, from 6 p.m. We meet at 22 rue Vauban. Guided and interpretive tours depart every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. from 22 rue Vauban. More information by email, and at

in completes

About two hours for a full inaugural circuit

The full tour takes about two hours. It should be noted that, as the young woman noted, “you can continue visiting and exit the ‘process’ at any time!” “.

6:00 p.m.: The walk begins at 22 rue Vauban at Recouvrance (at the window of the Au feu association on the right), home to the work of Anjélique Aubrit and Ludovic Beillard. At 18.30: Visit of the two showcases of the Espace Jaurès, which host the works of Claire and Morgan (Solicitud store to visit!) and Johanna Rocard, who will present the play “Night Battles” (30 minutes). At 19:15: meeting at Navarin rue 2, Anouchka Oler will present the new play “Opening the Reixu – Arcane 1” to discover the works of Nussbaum and Anthedemos (15 min). At 19:30: meeting at 130 rue Jean-Jaurès, with eight hand-made works by Ana Anaa, Clara Agnus, Laura Buors and Mathilde Chereau (Eesab POP program 2021-2022). At 19:45: Meeting with Johanna Cartier at 152 rue Jean-Jaurès for a participatory performance called Gratter le coin. The continuation will take place at 230 rue Jean-Jaurès, where Bento hosts “I am now back” by Ana Jotta and Pierre Leguillon, and then at the Passerelle contemporary art center, 41 rue Charles-Berthelot, which hosts the work. By Ondine Bertin. Finally, the Saint-Martin halls host the opening of a project that combines festivities, performance, sculpture, poetry and hops, and in particular Benjamin Husson’s Fountain/Emotional.

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