Solène Pira-Le Monnier: the face of the political Me Too in Brittany – Berrick

We find a small glimpse of her origin (Ch’timi), physiognomy and the famous actress Corinne Masiero, who is outspoken. Solène Pira-Le Monnier lives today in Berric, Morbihan, far from the hero of the series Captain Marlowe. At 43, the former commercial is also showing fifteen years less than the bubbly actress who took to the stage naked to champion the strike of intermittent workers at Caesars 2021.

Adopted, Breton has had no connection to his mother’s filmmaking at home since arriving from Hauts-de-France ten years ago. But by signing a column in Mediapart and joining #MeToo in politics published in Le Monde on November 15, 2021, she added another point of commonality with her elder, who is known for his many positions on women’s rights.

There are very few complaints and very few convictions of gender-based and sexual violence in politics today. We are faced with the impunity of the guilty

“Bitter Experience”

In Brittany, Solène Pira-Le Monnier is now recognized as one of the two ambassadors of the 56 network of local elected officials with 350 members in Brittany. A network created ten years ago by the polytechnic Julia Mouzon to defend the place of women in politics. “In particular, we do a lot of work there to educate and train local community actors on gender-based and sexual violence. Today, there are very few complaints and very few convictions in this area, we are faced with a situation where the guilty go unpunished, “says the president and founder of Bordeaux.

Solène Pira-Le Monnier from Morbihan listens to testimonies from all over France. “I get three to five calls a month from selected victims of gender-based and sexual violence, some of them very hurtful.” A mess that embraces him every time. “I also had the bitter experience of this for a few months after the municipal elections held in May 2020. I was subjected to sexist humiliation and intimidation by the elected officials I started my first term with. I complained several times with the Gendarmerie, I warned the prefecture, but everything was closed without any action, “he said.

Solène Pira-Le Monnier, 7 November 2022, in Lorient, after a meeting with Senator Muriel Jourda, on gender-based and sexual violence in politics. (The Telegram/Sophie Prevost)

I get three to five calls a month from select victims of gender-based and sexual violence, some of them very hurtful.

“Social death” and hostilities

These not-so-old facts still earned him a lot of enmity in the city, where he lost his supporting delegations but remained a councillor. In January 2022, the six elected Berricoises publicly denounced “the notorious lynchings which are the local object of men engaged in politics through the courts”. Under the cover of anonymity, some of them complain that even today “a woman is willing to do anything to gain control and exist at all costs, even if it means inventing situations she has never experienced.”

Solène Pira-Le Monnier, for her part, ensures that “social death” has occurred. “A year ago, all I was offered was to resign or move. And then, thanks to local elected officials, I spoke to women like Laurianne Deniau, former representative of Saint-Nazaire (44), and Hélène Debost, councilor of the Sarthe department, who testified in the Denis Baupin case. He saw that I was not alone and saved me.”

Meeting in Matignon

Two months ago, Morbihannaise was outside the office of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in Matignon as part of a meeting with a network of local elected officials. “I gave the figures from our survey that reminded me of the 74% of women selected as victims of sexism and sexual violence in France. First of all, we listed the proposed solutions, which were sent to the Ministry of Equality of Men and Women, Isabelle Rome. It seems to me that the road is opening.”

On Monday, November 7, Senator Muriel Jourda also discussed the subject with him in Lorient. Unbiased. “I myself have never faced such actions in my political life and I am not prone to gender-based networks,” the 55-year-old parliamentarian (LR) notes. But in the context of Me Too and the emancipation of women’s speech, Muriel Jourda considers it important to “compare viewpoints.” “I have considered the proposals and will send them to the chairman of the local authority commission. Of course, there is work to be done in terms of training and elected status.” Solène Pira-Le Monnier welcomes this and moves on, he agrees, relieved. “I entered municipal life naively. Today, yes, I do politics with the letter P.”

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