Sell ​​your car better

As strange as it may seem, there is seasons to resell transportation. This season will depend on the type of car. For example, convertible, a coupe-convertible or convertible will sell better in early to mid-summer or after a particularly nice spring. On the contrary, winter is probably the worst season.

The month of January is considered the most Wrong for car operation. And this is regardless of vehicle, age, type. The back to school in Septemberon the other hand, it will profitable city ​​cars, as well as vehicles over 5 years old. This information is the result of years of accumulated second-hand market. Family cars, vans and SUVs will sell better on their side ahead of the summer holidays.

However, it’s not just waiting for the right period to sell a car better. Especially since we don’t always have a sale date option. there is also geographical area sale. Indeed, it will be easier to resell a diesel car outside the big cities where low emission zones are starting to be implemented. Prospective buyers will prefer cars that can be driven in EPZs. This will be the case for plug-in hybrid vehicles or 100% electric vehicles.

Prepare your sale well

Car resale cannot be improvised. You should know if you want anyway sell to a professional or individual. Each will have advantages and disadvantages. A professional will give you little money against your car. On the contrary, handles all paperwork and you won’t hear more about the car after the transaction is complete.

By selling to an individual, you avoid the professional’s margin and therefore theoretically make more money. However, it requires possession trust the buyer, or, for example, bordering the exchange with a bank check. In all cases, prepare the sale will save on delays but can also improve the amount obtained from your car.

It starts with preparation search all invoices related to the vehicle. Belt replacement distribution, unloading, overhaulreplacement wheels, brake. It is good to take everything that can indicate that the car has been properly maintained. This is reassuring but also the buyer, minimizing possible surprises. It will be then less inclined to negotiateespecially if the changes are recent.

Pamper your car too. It is a cleaned car, will lead to less negotiation again, both at home and abroad. You have a vacuum cleaner, plastic cleaner (avoid very pungent smells), a high pressure jet pass and why not polish. If the housing is slightly worn, a visit to a specialist polishing may be worth it.

Have a dispute and a fair price

For a car to sell quickly and well, it must presented at the “right” price. Several ways to fix this: argus rating, equivalent vehicles already on sale, etc. Very high price and no one will show up to buy or they will be looking for a big discount. On the contrary, very low price will create distrust. Be careful not to mention “urgent” in your ad or anything that favors a buyer who knows you need to go fast on the sale.

Write an ad that tells everything about the car, without hiding the flaws possible. The deceptive effect of a buyer who discovers a scratch or an unspecified defect can be very strong and can scare him. Take flattering photos where the car is in full view. Don’t hesitate to take pictures from all sides, even if it means saving pictures for those who are interested. This shows that again there is nothing to hide.

After the ad is posted and your price is set, list the arguments in favor your car’s rarity, engine, limited series, sought-after equipment, etc. No smoking, closed garage parking, subsequent maintenance, etc. So many arguments will arise buyer who wants to reduce the price. If there is passed a clean technical inspection less than six months is a plus before the sale. This is mandatory.

Once your buyer and agreement have been found, all you have to do is fill out the transfer documents. After that, everything is done through the ANTS website.

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