Politics – Interview – “Narbonne sleeps!” for Deputy RN Frédéric Falcon

In June last year, Frederic Falcone, elected in the Aude 2nd constituency, inaugurated his office at 5 quai Vallière in Narbonne. An opportunity to go back with him in his early months as a Member of Parliament, his political and electoral ambitions, the Ocean Viking news or even the domestic campaign in the National Rally where Louis Aliot, under his tutelage, was largely defeated in the presidential race. from a far-right party. Acquaintance.

The news of the last days was about the arrival of the “Ocean Viking” ship in Toulon. What is your position on the reception of these refugees?

It is a sensitive topic. We touch women and children. You have to show humanity, but you can’t accommodate everyone. So we have to treat them, give them first aid, and then send the boat back. Otherwise, we point to newcomers. As for the granting of the right to asylum, requests must be made from abroad, not from French soil.

What files do you want to work on in the coming months?

At the moment, consultations are underway in the department about increasing the number of gendarmerie. In addition, I am working on a bill that would allow all caregivers and layoffs to be reinstated with unemployment compensation. It is important that we address this problem, both for these people and to compensate for staff shortages in health care facilities.

We witness an attack on the peasantry, which makes the grape grower the worst polluter on earth.

You recently expressed your support for the Aude Wine Association. Why?

New behaviors are introduced under the guise of ecology. The farmer is persecuted, he was put into the production system, he went there honestly, and today he is struggling to make a living from his work, caught between fast management and supposedly green unions. We are witnessing an onslaught of peasantry that makes the grape grower the worst polluter on earth. You have to put some common sense into it. It’s the same with hunting. Environmentalists go too far, including extremists who rush into this debate to impose new consumption patterns. I am for freedom. Ecology is noble and must be done in consultation. Similarly, the car is also attacked. This suggests a very strict society where social discrimination is real.

Municipality of 2026: “We will see when the time comes”

Are you thinking of municipal elections in Narbonne in 2026?

Today, I am not thinking about the candidacy for 2026, we will see when the time comes. It is likely that the movement will provide listings in as many cities as possible, but quality listings are needed. Currently, my activity as a deputy completely monopolizes me.

How do you assess the political situation in Narbonne?

Narbonne sleeps. This city should not only attract retirees. There is potential here, and I get the impression that economic development is underutilized. Young people need to find work. Don’t fall for the facility of a sleepy town with wealthy retirees driving up land prices. Between Beziers and Perpignan is a dangerous slide for Narbonne. The geographical position of the city allows trade. Compared to other cities, we cannot sit on the income from the sun, sea and insecurity. Newcomers with significant purchasing power put pressure on local residents. Real estate prices used to be affordable and that is changing. The middle classes should be able to get land, that is the real challenge.

Louis Aliot’s score is disappointing

Politically, where do you stand in the UMP, today in the LR, before joining the RN? Isn’t Louis Aliot’s point and line a denial when he was voted down for the party’s presidency?

I am not a conservative. I feel closer to a certain left than Republicans. Our movement has a social fiber, which runs through, for example, our struggle for purchasing power. In the Aude, there is still the influence of this rural left, Bloom and the Popular Front, the defense of agriculture and viticulture. This is the left that joins us. We have a vocist in France who is culturally cut off from an area that doesn’t understand rural people. He abandoned the social and focused on public issues such as the protection of minorities imported from the United States or even establishing environmentalism as a religion.

I supported Louis Aliot, who I am really close to, because he is a brilliant man. He has a real figure and an interesting speech. 15% is a disappointing figure, but the campaign was made towards the continuity of the Jordan Bardella/Marine Le Pen duo. This is addressed to militants.

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