Music from Guerlain Shalimar ad: Vintage Tonka 2022

Guerlain has launched its new elixir for women: Millésime Tonka de Shalimar. The music chosen for the commercial is called “Initials BB” in an instrumental version by Serge Gainsbourg.

Guerlain Shalimar ad: Tonka Millesime

New announcement Shalimar by Guerlain for Vintage Tonka respects the tonka bean. This fruit with a wrinkled appearance, but strong aromas give this new Guerlain elixir all its originality. We are used to finding the iconic fragrance ambassador in Shalimar ads Natalia Vodianova, who always makes us dream in her shoots, the new ad reveals the Millésime Tonka bottle from every angle. The Russian model, who has represented Shalimar since 2008, has nevertheless left her mark. Even though it doesn’t appear in the ad, we still feel all the sexy and sensual side it gives.

With tonka bean, we have the sensual, feminine sophistication that breathes from this new vintage of Shalimar. At the same time, it brings something delicious, greedy, caramelized, chocolate and vanilla. A fragrance for women who leave behind all the power and elegance of an iconic and timeless fragrance. In addition to tonka bean, the fragrance distills notes of bitter almond, bergamot, iris, sambac jasmine, rose and vanilla.

What is the music of the Guerlain Shalimar ad: Millésime Tonka

To introduce this new elixir of its legendary fragrance, Shalimar could not have chosen a better song. “BB Initials”. In this ad we discover the instrumental version. Initials is a song written, composed and recorded by BB Serge Gainsbourg In 1968. The soulful sultry song is a lively tribute to the love that united Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot. He also wrote this after leaving.

Up to the top of the thighs
They kick him
And it looks like a bowl
To her beauty
He wears nothing
a little different
The essence of Guerlain
in the hair

Serge Gainsbourg

Inspired by the title New World Symphony No. 9, Op. 95: 1st movement Adagio. Allegro molto By Antonin Dvorák and for the first words Flowers of evil By Baudelaire. The song is perfect for Guerlain’s Shalimar fragrance as the verse refers to the perfume brand.

Serge Gainsbourg from his real name Lucien Ginsburg is a French author, composer, performer, screenwriter, director and writer. He is a monster of French music and has etched his name in art history. Serge Gainsbourg was a sullen but adored character during his lifetime. He is the source of several film scores and has also written songs for many artists. Serge Gainsbourg is also known for his passionate love affairs. Two of them marked his life, his passion Jane Birkin his muse and by his side Brigitte Bardot.

Gainsbourg has received numerous awards throughout his illustrious career. As such, it deserves several Cesar Awards for best original score 1977, 1981, 1984, 1987 and 1996 after his death. Serge also won the Victoires de la musique trophy for his entire career. At the same time, he will receive several distinctions and decorations.

Shalimar, the story of an iconic fragrance

Shalimar is an emblematic fragrance House of Guerlain. His story begins by accident. In 1889 Aim Guerlain create a fragrance “Jicky”, a very modern fragrance for its time. It combines spicy and lemony notes with lavender notes. A few years later, in 1921Aime’s nephew, Jacques Guerlain, a young perfumery prodigy, experiments with complex fragrances using chemistry. Influenced by the chemist Justin Dupont, he uses ethylvanillin, a new synthetic molecule. Pouring it into a bottle of Jiki, he marvels at the breathtaking result. Shalimar’s birthday. He works on it, improves it and finally, after 4 years, he reveals the fruit of these years by perfecting the elixir that will become the signature of the house of Guerlain.

Shalimar is the name of an Indian legend. of the emperor Shahjahan and the princess Mumtaz Mahal. It tells of passion, which prompts a distraught lover to erect the Shalimar Gardens in honor of his beloved. Many years later, when the latter died, the emperor erected the Taj Mahal as a mark of respect for him. The Shalimar perfume bottle also reflects the basins of the prominent garden in its curves.

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