MUNIC (Euronext Growth® Paris – FR0013462231 – ALMUN)A specialist in embedded technologies and artificial intelligence for the improvement of automotive data presented at the AAPEX exhibition (Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) in Las Vegas, in collaboration Autocare Association, EKKOA platform for remote access to vehicle data and high-value-added services in DaaS mode (Information as a service) through a subscription model. The services offered apply to car owners, as well as all manufacturers and service operators of this industry, all types of vehicles. Among the services offered by MUNIC at AAPEX: Full remote vehicle scanning using MUNIC’s highly competitive technologies for the aftermarket. This is done with a full scan – or diagnosis – solution at the time of presentation Hella Gutmann Solutionstogether with EKKO, which allows this service to be managed completely remotely without changing the Hella Gutmann Solutions tool designed for local use.

Simple and secure access to vehicle data is an important development that has been awaited by the automotive industry for many years: it enables remote activation of roadside assistance measures, proactive warnings to drivers or remotely proactive diagnosis of vehicles to significantly improve the customer experience. during repairs and technical interventions.

For many years, independent access to vehicle data was very limited or non-existent, but the latest technologies have radically changed the situation, enabling mass adoption and deployment:

  • Continuous improvement of electronic indicators and reduction of costs allow to equip any car at a lower cost;
  • the Edge Computing can decode and process large volumes of data generated by vehicles;
  • In terms of cyber security and personal data privacy, the new standards allow to protect the integrity of the vehicle and the personal data of the driver: thus, the mechanic and all related companies will only have access to personal data authorized by an authorized person. the owner of the vehicle.
  • Connection with diagnostic services and manufacturer databases clouds provides full access to vehicle systems and data;
  • Applications, services and business models are mature and ready to deploy.

During AAPEX, MUNIC presented EKKO’s distinctive features:

  • Establishing a secure channel between the vehicle and a third-party diagnostic cloud platform with the user’s consent;
  • Real-time search of vehicle parameters, including full fault code analysis and interpretation;
  • Remote control of the car;
  • Access to this data through the vehicle maintenance software, which is integrated into the fleet management portal and can be integrated.

MUNIC President and CEO Aaron Solomon comments:MUNIC is proud to be affiliated with The Auto Care Association, the reference association for the US auto aftermarket industry, which is worth more than $380 billion. This association promotes the right to repair by providing technologies for independent access to vehicles. These technologies enable its members not only to ensure continuity of service to their customers, but also to improve these services by fundamentally changing their relationship with car owners. »

About Autocare Association

Autocare Association It is the benchmark for the $380 billion auto care industry.

The 538,248 companies in the automotive service industry form a global network of independent automotive aftermarket manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, retailers and service providers large and small. At its core, this integrated network of professionals is dedicated to providing quality parts and products, as well as servicing and repairing the 290 million vehicles on the road today.

Auto Care MUNIC is a 50% shareholder in the annual AAPEX exhibition in Las Vegas.


Founded in 2002, MUNIC designs and develops technological solutions that combine Smart Dongles with the ability to collect and decode thousands of data from vehicle traffic sensors and, an artificial intelligence Edge Computing platform that allows them to be analyzed and evaluated.

The result of 20 years of R&D, MUNIC’s patented technology combines (i) high-level electronic expertise (small footprint, high power and radio performance, high reliability in the automotive environment, on-board equipment design and industrialization at very competitive prices). ), (ii) the ability to decode vehicle data and (iii) an artificial intelligence Edge Computing platform ( to process such data.

With offices in Villejuif (94), USA and China, MUNIC has 60 employees, 77% of whom are engineers. The company generated revenue of 19.3 million euros in 2021, a +156% increase, mainly in the US and Europe. The company has the Innovative Company (Bpifrance) label.

MUNIC is listed on Euronext Growth® Paris (ISIN Code: FR0013462231 – Ticker: ALMUN).

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