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The best two teams from each group qualified for the 2nd stage

Group A: Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland

Group B: Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia

Group C: France, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Romania

Group D: Poland, Montenegro, Germany, Spain


Here is the ranking of the best goalscorers

Group classification / Phase 1 HERE


Friday, November 4

Norway – Croatia: 32-23

Hungary – Switzerland: 33-27

Denmark – Slovenia: 26-27

Sweden – Serbia: 27-21

Saturday, November 5

Netherlands – Romania: 29-28

Poland – Germany: 23-25

France vs North Macedonia: 24-14, stats HERE

Oliver Krumbholz:

It’s a good start, we should have won, we do it with ten goals. It’s been a bit hectic, all the temporary injuries have made us a bit worried. I turned around, very interesting things happened in the second half, we were able to stay strong there.

In defense we had two good goalkeepers, we were very solid and made very few individual mistakes. It bodes well for the future, even if we lose a bit in domestic attack.

We have to free ourselves, we can perform better in shooting and passing. There were many hesitations, but entering a competition is never easy. We knew how to be efficient on the ball, mainly dominating our strong sectors.

However, we know that we have to be better than him in attack against Romania and the Netherlands, but we will combine all our forces in these two games.”

Montenegro – Spain: 30-23

Sunday, November 6

Slovenia – Sweden: 22-33

Croatia – Hungary: 21-18

Switzerland – Norway: 21-38

Serbia – Denmark: 21-34

Monday, November 7

North Macedonia – Netherlands: 15-30

Germany – Montenegro: 25-29

Spain – Poland: 20-16

Romania vs France: 19-29, match statistics HERE

After a rough start to the match, the Habs were able to shut down senior Christina Neagu with just 5 goals to slowly build a lead as the match progressed.

After this win, the Blues are guaranteed to go through this first round.

Oliver Krumbholz:

“We played a great match, we went faster than them and overwhelmed them. We repeated the same game against Macedonia, but against a different caliber of team. It was a really great match, we managed to maintain the lead throughout the match.

It’s not necessarily clear, there’s often a bit of a break, but here we are solid. The girls prepared their matches very, very well, they worked hard. Compared to the first meeting, we were more comfortable, we had more confidence in our ability to overcome the opponent.

Each played his part with his own qualities, and did not try to do too much or do the things he had mastered less. We start the second round with two points and that’s good for the mood. Now we have to prepare as seriously as possible for the game with the Netherlands.”

Tuesday, November 8

Slovenia – Serbia: 27-24

Croatia – Switzerland: 26-26

Norway – Hungary: 32-22

Denmark – Sweden: 24-22

Wednesday, November 9

Poland – Montenegro: 23-26

North Macedonia – Romania: 23-31

Germany – Spain: 21-23

France vs Netherlands: 26-24, match statistics HERE

A devilishly intense game between two great teams. All in all, the tricolor Olympic champions will overtake their opponents, but they will never be able to outshine them.

One thing is for sure, Les Bleues will attack the main round with plenty of points and, as always, plenty of ambition.

Oliver Krumbholz:

“I’m very happy, it was very difficult as we expected. Although we lacked a little clarity, we had a solid match, especially in our numerical advantage situations.

We were weaker than ever in the game in all areas, they put us under more pressure. That’s why the girls are very tired, they tired us. Although we didn’t have much success hitting the perfect goaltender, we did see some good things offensively.

There is reason to agree, and we separate by four points. We stretched some of them a lot, and we found out that we had three days of rest behind us. We will use them well to prepare for the game on Sunday.”


2nd round group classification HERE

(The first two teams of each group are in the semi-finals)

Thursday, November 10

Croatia vs. Slovenia : 18-26

Hungary vs. Denmark : 27-29

Friday, November 11

Holland vs. Germany : 28-36

Romania v Spain: 28-27

Saturday, November 12

Croatia vs. Denmark: 17-26

Norway Against Sweden: 27-25

Sunday, November 13

Netherlands – Spain: 29-29

France vs Montenegro: 27-19, match stats HERE

Another great game for the Olympic champions. From the opening minutes, they imposed the game and the rhythm before taking a five-goal lead midway through the first half.

After that, the blue ones will no longer be bothered by their opponents, but they are considered very solid. The road to the semi-finals has never been so close…

Oliver Krumbholz:

“It is a very good result because we are winning, but also because the goal average is very positive and there are risks if we are on the same points as other teams. Montenegro was what we expected.

The French team prepared very well for a difficult game and remained stable, because it is never easy to play in this team.

We saw a complete French team with everyone playing their part and all sectors of the game working. The defense was superb with Cleopatra Darleux exceptional.

We found many solutions in attack. We had a difficult second half when the Montenegrins threw all their forces into battle, but we managed to recover at the end of the match.

Then we found a conquering France team that knows how to punish them when they lose the ball.

Monday, November 14

Norway Against Slovenia: 26-23

Hungary faced Sweden

Tuesday, November 15

Romania – Montenegro

France – Germany

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