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A spooky little recap to get back to Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

0 – Musk announced the return of free speech on Twitter.
A timely burst of insults and racist remarks.
Major companies are suspending ad purchases on the network because they are wary of potential developments.

1 – Musk quickly announces the future launch of Twitter Blue, which will allow you to have a “certified” badge next to your name for a set amount of €8 per month.
For me personally, this plan can work on two levels:
– extortion: a person who has twitter as a work tool (journalist, researcher, youtuber, etc.) but is not important enough to have a real verified account will be tempted to unsubscribe to avoid harming someone. they (a person with a badge is more reliable than one without);
– cheating: you can easily pretend to be an important account to succeed in cheating (even if you are released after 24 hours, the damage is done);

2 – a wave of verified accounts change their name to Elon Musk and post parody messages.
A wave of bans has prompted Musk to make it clear that the parody account is in his bio.
Musk then announces that a verified account must not change its name under penalty of a ban.
Musk then announces that the parody account must also have him in the account name.

3 – Twitter Blue is officially launched. But technically it doesn’t work. Twitter Blue has been delayed and Twitter has denied launching it, claiming to wait until after the US election.

4 – Twitter Blue launched.
The only way to tell the difference between an official “certified” account and a paid Twitter Blue “certified” account is to click the button (so impossible/painful to do depending on the situation).
Twitter teams create a second “official” button in addition to the “certified” button to distinguish who is the real account when there are multiple verified accounts with the same name as Twitter Blue. Musk disables this feature after a few hours. Twitter later announced that the feature would be returning soon.
A wave of “verified” fake accounts are tweeting parodies, malicious, offensive, scams. In particular, there are several tweets that drive down the stock prices of major companies.
The world’s second-largest advertising agency is advising all of its clients to suspend ad purchases on Twitter until further notice.

5 – Twitter Blue is suspended until further notice.
Accounts with fake certificates continue to suffer, they are slowly banned.
SpaceX gets a huge ad load from Twitter.


At the employee and legal level:

Musk announces new roles with impossible deadlines, forcing many employees to scramble like crazy.
At the end of the week, half of the employees, including all or almost all of certain departments (for example, the fight against disinformation, the study of the effects of the site’s algorithm, ethics, etc.) are laid off. For the selection of fired programmers, it was simply done: those who wrote the fewest lines of code during the year were fired (I can well imagine Kita in football deciding to fire players based on the number of kilometers traveled in matches) ).
Within hours of being laid off, many former employees are called back during a disaster and asked if they want to keep their old jobs. Many former employees fear this was a dirty ploy to turn a layoff into a resignation, but given the rumors that have surfaced since then, it’s more likely that Twitter realized they’d miss out on their knowledge and skills.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) publishes a very dry message to Twitter reminding them that they are bound by an agreement with the FTC and the rules they must respect under penalty of a hefty fine.
Resignations are increasing in teams, especially among service and department heads, especially in the legal and FTC compliance service.
Instead of going through the legal department, Twitter announces that its engineers will have to confirm that the certificate is “compliant with FTC regulations.”
One of Twitter’s legal staff is sending a warning message to all employees about the user threat and the risk of violating FTC rules, and advises employees to take legal action.
Musk’s personal attorney sends a message to all employees telling them they won’t go to jail if they follow Musk’s instructions.

Three-quarters of Twitter consultants have had their contracts terminated.

That’s all, folks (for now).


It’s worth noting that before Musk, Twitter actually tried a lot of things (sometimes pretty rotten) to improve their model, and if they managed to be profitable, it was mainly because of the efforts that were made in front of them. extremist content. and untrue (let’s humbly tie controlled content directly to the government, which will continue in the future, as is the case with all major US corporations – we will not talk about Windows backdoors reserved for the US secret services).

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