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When your car breaks down or is being serviced, finding a reliable mechanic when you are unfamiliar with mechanics can be a real hurdle. To make the right choice, there is nothing better than word of mouth or the Vroomly website to advise you on the best garage for your needs.

Meeting at the garage is often done in emergencies and it is a bad reflex to go to the first available garage nearby. It is wrong because some professionals use your condition to diagnose and sometimes get questionable prices. A problem to be solved quickly with the Vroomly online comparison tool, which allows you to find the most reliable professional near you or the service you need at a competitive price.

Vroomly: best price garage comparator

For your maintenance, overhaul, car repair or tire change procedures, make an appointment directly on Vroomly, a garage comparison site whose commitments are very clear: recommending a network of certified garages, guaranteeing full transparency in the rates charged and saving you. time.

1 – Reliable garages

The site allows you to find a garage that meets your needs. To better compare the different garages on offer, you can access prices, reputation, as well as the next availability of the garages, which will allow you to optimally manage your schedule. Everything on the Vroomly website is perfectly transparent: users can give feedback on the main element, all other notes and comments are posted regardless of whether they are positive or not. If in doubt, you can always consult the Vroomly teams, who will guide you towards the best option for your request. All garages available on Vroomly are reliable and respect the company’s Charter of Trust to guarantee quality maintenance.

2 – Zero hidden fees

The prices shown on the site are exactly the same as the prices set by the mechanic in the workshop. Since Vroomly is 100% free for users, there are no unpleasant surprises at the booking stage, so you have no commissions or booking fees, you pay the mechanic directly during the appointment. With Vroomly, it’s a guarantee of stable prices and real good deals.

3 – Save time

The purpose of the site is to make it possible to find your mechanic quickly and easily to make your choice with complete ease. It has everything you need to relieve stress from the urgency of your situation. In order to offer you an informed choice, only the information that is important for your decision-making is communicated to you.

Change your tires with Vroomly

When it comes to maintaining your car, tire choice is key. Know that it is important to check your tire pressure every month. However, to avoid unexpected events, it is recommended to change the tires of your car every 40,000-50,000 km, depending on the model, as well as check the condition of your spare tire. Thanks to the Tire by Vroomly app, you can buy your tires directly and change them in your garage. It’s a very simple process where all you need to do is:

  • Fill in the information related to your tire search: width, height, diameter, load and speed. You can find all this information on the sidewall of your tire,
  • Add filters according to your needs: seasonality, brand, mileage, number of tires,
  • Choose and compare up to 4 garages, taking into account the availability of the proposed rates,
  • Show information about your car (model, make, year) or license plate,
  • Select the geographic area in which you want to schedule an appointment,
  • Select the most suitable garage and confirm your appointment.

Once your selection is made, please note that payment is made directly online at Vroomly, which will take care of delivering your tires to the partner garage responsible for fitting them at your destination.

In summary, by going through the Vroomly comparator, you are guaranteed to find a reliable professional at the right price to manage your car maintenance with complete peace of mind!

This content was developed in partnership with Vroomly. The editorial staff of BFMTV did not participate in the preparation of this content.

In partnership with Vroomly

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