Echoes Project: Urban Art in the Heart of Priority Neighborhoods

On September 30, 2019, the City of Bastia announced a call for projects through the Department of Urban Renewal and Social Cohesion (DRUCS). “Urban Art in Bastia” its aim is the production and distribution of works or projects that are visible in the public space of the Priority Districts of the city of Bastia and are freely accessible to residents.

In March 2020, the Acmé agency was selected as the winner of the call for projects. Its three creators, Anais Monnet, François Dagregorio and Carol Agostini, chose to trust an artist from Bastia for this project: Sebastien Dominici.

A specialist in “mixed techniques”, born from an urban culture of Basquiat-inspired tags and graffiti, as well as an admiration for the austerity of Da Vinci, Sébastien Dominici communicates through his art, becoming a universal language of sharing and mutual assistance. like Esperanto.

The project, which was supposed to take place in 2020, faced a health crisis. The initial schedule had to be extended, the moments of citizens’ participation had to be reduced, and certain places of intervention had to be changed. The four sites opened today are different from the original project, but retain its spirit.


Acmé agency and Sébastien Dominici for the implementation of the Echoes projectn historical and heritage work, collecting old photographs, absorbing the cultural richness witnessed by these streets and through exchanges and discussions with the inhabitants of yesterday and today, true representatives of the history of these places.

To restore these expressions, the artist used many methods of representation: mixed-media photography, collage, sticker stencils, light projections, mixed-media acrylic paint, spray, plexiglass.


The first realization was installed in the center of the Letteron block. The five spaces on the road to the old pasta factory are occupied by paintings by Sébastien Dominici from old photographs of the City. They describe the dynamism and life of the region in the past year, and emphasize the arts and crafts of the past. With the depiction of bees in his frescoes, “if we stand in front of the works in a certain way and turn to ourselves and look up, it is a kind of human hive that surrounds us.” The artist’s creations were unveiled on 30 July 2021 to coincide with the unveiling of the Heart of Letteron block. This appointment, Pasta factory passage – Accuratatoghju di E PastaieIt was the subject of a consultation with local residents organized by the city.


The second artistic proposal features the windows of empty apartment buildings in building 33 of the Cité des Monts, des Arbres et des lacs, with stickers depicting the views of the residents.evoking the memory of the place and its inhabitants.

Acmé also collaborated with the OPRA association, inviting young people from the neighborhood to participate in this project. On September 23, 2021, a seminar was held at the foot of building No. 33. The participating children were able to learn about certain techniques used by Sebastien Dominici. On September 29, children’s works were hung in the corridors of the building and it was opened at the same time as the artist’s work on the windows of the building. The operation was carried out jointly with OPH2C.


The third phase of the project focused on Bon Pasteur’s emblematic facades. Inspired by an exchange of ideas between Sébastien Dominici and the former inhabitants of the placeTo create the artist used Plexiglas, a modern and bright support that creates a strong contrast with the wall that has degraded over time. a visual shock that emphasizes both the achievement, the evolution, and the generational connection that this wall manifests.


Finally, the latest work, completed at the end of October 2022, is the product of Citadel district archival work and memory recall. This is a mural covering the entire door of 15 rue Chanoine Letteron, reconstructing a photograph depicting a scene of life of people of all generations gathered at the bottom of rue du Colle. Throughout the project, the partners were informed and involved in the implementation of the work.

The unveiling of the gable at 15 Chanoine Letteron took place on Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 10 a.m. in place of the fresco.

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