Basketball: Former Girondins de Bordeaux takeover candidate Bruno Fievet comes to Elan Béarnais

Before the Covid-related crisis, it stated that it had an envelope of 180 million intended for the purchase and cleaning of the accounts of the navy and the white club. A few months later, in September 2020, he submitted an offer…

Before the Covid-related crisis, it stated that it had an envelope of 180 million intended for the purchase and cleaning of the accounts of the navy and the white club. A few months later, in September 2020, he submitted a €70 million takeover bid to King Street. A proposal by the Americans that ultimately has no future. This is the file closed by Gérard López, who finally pocketed the bet.

The rapprochement between Bruno Fievet and Elan Béarnais took place thanks to Mathieu Bisséni, Prince of Moutète, Ortez’s swindler, who lived in Bordeaux from 1971 to 1986, a friend of the businessman, who acted as a transmission belt to help the club he founded. He went into orbit with the European title (Korac 1984) and the first of nine French championships (1986).

How did this rapprochement with Elan Béarnais come about?

“This was done thanks to Mathieu Bisséni, whom I knew well because I had met him during my plan to seize the Girondins. He told me that it would be better if I approached Elan. We talked about it informally at first, once, twice, three times, and then he put me in touch with David (Bonnemason-Carrère), who we got on very well from our first meeting. I explained my vision to him, he agreed, and we thought it wouldn’t be a fool’s errand to go a long way together. It happened quite simply. »

Is the world of basketball a discovery for you?

“I’ve been in the sports business for ten years, I have a Master’s degree in Staps, so I know a little bit about all sports. Basketball is not my favorite sport, but it is one I watch. And then, I’m not here to run the team. What makes the difference and dictates my choice is that I love the region and Elan Béarnais is part of my DNA, my regional roots. »

Did the club’s tight financial situation make you hesitate before committing?

“No, never, never. Even the fact that there is a challenge to overcome makes me happy. I always come across these “swallows” who turn their backs when things go wrong. Me, I’m more than just rolling up my sleeves to find solutions. Yes, the club is in trouble, but it was saved this summer, that’s the main thing. Now we need to find some money, but also peace and tranquility in the club, local unity. I met Francois Bayrou, we talked a lot. Elan Béarnais has a real popularity rating in the city and in political power. The situation is not simple, but it is far from a disaster. »

Your role? Find a partnership nationally?

“The idea is to implement the mission related to the economic development of the club, its commercial aspect. I also think that we need to activate the levers in terms of communication, we need to connect people. Sometimes we want to look far for local solutions. We will also try to find new partners, sponsors and new shareholders who want to join the club. We will have to see the will of Sébastien Ménard and Sylvain Bonnet in this matter. Afterwards, I don’t believe in people putting money in for nothing. Even if I am tricked by Palais des sports with quality receivers, I believe in a better offer to be built. But with the creation of “B2B” (business to business) we can achieve a better result in the overall offer, for example events, also because people should experience the emotions, not just the emotions of the match. We need to look for other levers so that people want to partner, so that it makes sense to them on a business level. I will try to work on it first. »

What are the first incomes?

“My mandate has just begun. I’ve already run a few levers and I’m pretty confident. I look forward to meeting with existing partners to present our proposals to them. In this part, I think I can be effective very quickly. »

Are you working on the possibility of “naming” the Sports Palace?

“Yes, I will work on it. François Bayrou is no longer against it today. After that, you need to come up with a name that makes sense. We are seriously considering it. »

Can the business of football, which you know so well, be compared to the world of basketball?

“These are two completely different universes with equally different financial implications. In basketball, the needs are not the same, and the income is less. These are two incomparable worlds. On the other hand, it is possible to maximize partnerships between different sports. I would love to have multi-sport, multi-club deals to offer certain big partners who want to have real regional roots. This is a reflection that I lead. »

Top 14, Betclic Elite, Ligue 2, Proligue de hand: This spread of professional clubs in the economic basin of Pau cannot be expanded, is it an asset or a hindrance to the development of Elan?

“He is active. A complication that should no longer be one is that Pau seems a little landlocked. At the national level, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to place Pau on the map! It is still the second city of Aquitaine, the largest region in France. There are many positives to note. »

How is your relationship with the Girondins today?

” That’s good. I’m in the 1881 Committee created by President Gerard López. Bordeaux, I have it in my heart. I’m in a slightly different role than in Pau, I bring ideas about economic and commercial development, cooperation with clubs in the region, access to the stadium, development of the training center .. .. It is wide enough. The role I want too, why not in Elana, but everything will be in its own time.”

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