4+ femme fatale ideas for a sexy and bold manicure! + Video tutorial

Since childhood, we used to express ourselves and look through our mothers’ make-up bags. When I was a child, my mother forbade me to paint my nails, but I used some of her nail polish. And the experience was incredible! Now that we’re all adults, with jobs, responsibilities, and relationships, we still find time to get our nails done every month. If you want to feel sexy, wild, yet elegant and beautiful, check out this year’s rock nail art trend!

Nail art rock: fashion gel nails 2022

Do you like rock and metal music? Were all Nirvana albums your anthem in the 90s? Then you’ve come to the right place! Alternative makeup and nail art is back in force, more fabulous and glamorous than ever! Top 4 trends for this year, followed by more beautiful nail art styles. Wear black, bling and be a rock chick with a sensual and fashionable side! Also, if you’re concerned with undertones, I strongly recommend checking what your undertone is before choosing a brighter or cooler color. This applies to makeup, nails, hair and clothes. You will see the difference yourself and be amazed! I know I was!

Fog effect nails

lacquer trend winter 2022 nail art rock

This dark and misty nail design is mesmerizing. Sure, Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to hunt down your inner witch! No doubt rock and metal listeners get lost in the black. But instead of just one color, why not make it something original? Go see your manicurist and show them this amazing design… Or if you have a hidden artist in you, why not do it yourself? Here’s a handy nail tutorial!

stylish gothic nails

nail fall 2022 pinterest nail art rock

You are lessman in the box*disappeared Crystal Mountain** ? For those who love goth style clothing, makeup and nails, this is for you! A beautiful mix of bold red and black creates a beautiful gothic harmony. For a more fairytale effect, take your reds in different shades and why not add a corset design if you feel like it spicy ? Yes, winter is coming and it’s cold outside. This does not mean that we should freeze ourselves!

psychedelic nail art

rock nail art

Are you more of a Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin type? I understood ! Psychedelic nail art is a hit and has never gone out of style, honestly. The 70s left their mark and we still try to live vicariously through old photos and their unique style. They have fun with lots of patterns and colors. If you want to check out an easy nail art tutorial, here is one Nails by Ralphie Geo On Youtube:

nail cracking effect

lacquer trend 2023

Not a fan of dark manicures? Do not worry ! Why not try the crackle nail art trend? It vaguely resembles marble nails, which in itself is quite charming. However, you can make different shapes and mix colors with the crackle effect. The process is really fun! Here’s another tutorial on YouTube:

Nail art rock: other trendy winter 2022 manicure ideas

nails winter 2022 2023


This style has never been high maintenance… Sometimes a fun mix of colors is enough!

hard rock nails

Winter nails 2022: color “Bela Lugosi red” (inspiration Bauhaus) is magical!

nails winter 2022

Winter 2022 nail color: this cherry color is fascinating, isn’t it?

lacquer color winter 2022

Does it turn dark brown with a bit of cannabis? Yes, please!

rock polish color

Whatever your style, burgundy will always be a classic.

winter manicure 2022

And dark green? This is one of the trending nail colors of 2022!

dark green nail polish

Nail art rock: what do you think of this bright galaxy effect?

nail trends 2022

* Ref. Alice in Chains – The Man in the Box

** Ref. On Death-Crystal Mountain

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