What to remember from Friday, October 14

Deputy Head of Kherson Occupation Administration, Kirill Stremousov called again residents will leave the region on Friday, October 14 “Humanitarian Journeys of Rest and Recovery” Russia’s counter-offensive continues in the neighboring regions, and Ukraine’s in the region. Outside Bakhmut, Russia and separatist forces say they are in a good position to retake the town in Donetsk region. “Franceinfo” analyzes the news of the day on the front line of the war in Ukraine.

Putin is not planning new mass strikes “immediately”.

Vladimir Putin attended two summits with former Soviet republics in Kazakhstan on Friday. The Russian leader assured that he does not plan to expand the mobilization “in part” he announced three weeks ago, adding that 222,000 men had been recruited so far. During the press conference, he said that he expects the mobilization to end “in two weeks” and admitted to having some hiccups.

The head of the Kremlin also said that he did not plan “immediately” new blows “massive” in Ukraine, after targeting several cities earlier in the week. “There are other goals at the moment. For now. We’ll see after that.”Vladimir Putin assured that he was not aiming “Destroy Ukraine”. Russia is taking action “correct” After nearly eight months of war in Ukraine, he finally met.

Ukraine respects its soldiers

Friday was Defender’s Day in Ukraine, the first military holiday since the beginning of the Russian occupation. “We (…) thank all those who fought for Ukraine in the past and all those who are fighting for it now, those who won then and will undoubtedly win now”President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in the video.

The leader also laid a wreath at the Kyiv war memorial. About 180 soldiers’ portraits were placed on the square in front of the famous St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv in connection with the commemorative events. All were killed in Mariupol.

Eight months to rebuild the Crimean bridge

Russia announced on Friday that it has eight months until July 1, 2023, to rebuild a Crimean bridge that was partially destroyed in an attack Moscow blamed on Ukraine. According to the Russians, Kyiv has neither confirmed nor denied its participation in this attack carried out with a bomb-laden truck.

Two road parts of the viaduct fell into the sea. After the sister cars caught fire, a strong fire broke out on the railway. Russia has partially reopened road and rail traffic on the bridge, but remains limited due to damage.

The Red Cross is calling for POWs to be admitted “immediately”.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) requested access on Friday “immediately and without hindrance” Thousands of prisoners of war who are still unable to visit the Ukraine conflict.

“Today we share our frustration with the lack of access to all captives.” ICRC spokesman Yuan Watson told journalists at the next UN briefing in Geneva.

The latter noted “thousands of prisoners” Not being able to receive a visit from the ICRC, however, this right is enshrined in the Geneva Conventions.

TotalEnergies has been targeted for “complicity in war crimes”.

The Bordeaux NGO Darwin Climax Coalitions and the Ukrainian NGO Razom We Stand told franceinfo that it has filed a complaint against TotalEnergies with the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office on charges of “complicity in a war crime”. The world.

The newspaper revealed in late August that a company owned 49% by TotalEnergies and 51% by Russia’s Novatek was producing fuel to supply warplanes for Russians involved in the war, thanks to a series of documents and an investigation by the NGO Global Witness. The conflict in Ukraine. Total denied this information.

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