Ukraine: the head of Wagner commented on the allegation of the execution of a Russian fugitive

4:47 UT. Is Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson a sign of a turning point in the conflict?

After eight months of Russian occupation, residents of Kherson express relief at the withdrawal of Russian troops from the southern Ukrainian city. But Kyiv prefers to be cautious. Pierre Lorrain, journalist and author specializing in Russia and Ukraine Ukraine, a tale of two destinies (published by Bartillat) explains what could happen next to strengthen Ukraine’s position and analyzes the conflict.

13:35 UT. Military training in schools again

Russia says military training will return to its schools next year. Russian Education Minister Sergey Kravstov clarified that military exercises will return to Russian schools in September next year. The program is supported by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which must allocate at least 140 hours per academic year to this training.

13:20 UT. Wagner’s leader commented on the claim that the soldier accused of desertion was executed.

The leader of the “Wagner Group” mercenaries fighting alongside the Russian army in Ukraine comments on the execution of one of its former members, who was accused of desertion, by hitting him on the head with a hammer.We see that in this show (that man) He did not find happiness in Ukraine, but met cruel but fair people“, Wagner’s boss Evgu√©ni Prigojine speculated, citing his press service on Sunday.

Telegram accounts close to Wagner posted a video showing a man being hit in the head with a club with his skull attached to a stone block. According to these sources, he would have been a soldier of a group that deliberately surrendered to the Ukrainian army, but was later recaptured by the Russians. “It’s a great implementation job, it can be seen at a glanceadds Yevgeny Prigogine. I hope no animals were harmed during the filming“.

11:20 UT. The state of health in Kherson is “serious”.

This is the humanitarian situation in Kherson “heavy” the city mayor says due to lack of water and medicine. President Vladimir Zelensky said that Russian forces destroyed the main infrastructure of the big city. Before fleeing Kherson, residents destroyed all critical infrastructure: communication, water, heat, electricity.

The mayor of Kherson clarified that there is a humanitarian situation “heavy” Due to lack of water, medicine and bread, residents celebrated their freedom as President Zelensky said. “historic day”.

9:15 GMT. Tears of joy from the residents of Kherson and its surroundings

Svitlana Galak after more than eight months of occupation of her village near Kherson, as well as ill-treatment of residents by Russian soldiers “tears of happiness” with the arrival of Ukrainian soldiers who came to liberate them.

“I don’t know when the Russians came to the village, but I know only one thing, I saw a Ukrainian soldier whom I saw yesterday or the day before, and I was relieved.”he says he still moved in with an AFP journalist in front of his house.

8:10 UT. Moscow’s main ally is Tehran

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone with his Iranian counterpart Ibrahim Raisi on November 12.

The two leaders spoke “a series of questions” The statement of the Russian presidency said that bilateral relations between Iran and Russia “underline the intensification of cooperation in the political, economic and commercial spheres”.

7:40 a.m. Kherson, investigating potential Russian “crimes.”

Demining operations have started in Kherson, and documentation work is being done “crimes” According to Ukrainian authorities, it belongs to Moscow. West for Kyiv a “total victory” To Russia after the recapture of Kherson, where the national anthem of Ukraine was played on Friday after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Kherson, annexed by Moscow at the end of September, was the first major city to fall after the Russian invasion that began at the end of February.

6:35 UT. Russia is attending the G20 summit in Indonesia on Tuesday

The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, will participate in the G20 summit to be held in Indonesia on Tuesday, November 15. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is likely to return to the table in a tense sequence coming to Bali and then the Asia-Pacific Forum (Apec) in Bangkok, where Sergey Lavrov will continue to represent President Vladimir Putin.

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