“The world is entering its most dangerous decade,” says Putin

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The world is entering its decadethe most dangerous» According to Putin, Russia is the most acute threat to the United States since the Second World War, according to the Pentagon, the Kremlin wants the IAEA mission in Ukraine… Le Figaro Prepares a report on the results of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on October 27.

“Dirty bomb”: Putin wants IAEA mission to conduct “independent verification” in Ukraine “as soon as possible”

Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should surrender “as soon as possible“In Ukraine, the Russian president accuses this neighboring country of erasing evidence that he prepared”dirty bomb “. “IAEA wants to come (…). We support it as soon and as widely as possible, because we know that the authorities in Kiev are doing everything to cover up the traces of these preparations.he said at the Valday discussion forum in Moscow.

In the evening of that day, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that it would visit.this weekTwo Ukrainian sites at the request of Kiev, the press release said. “Inspectors will conduct an independent review (…) to detect any tampering of nuclear material“, the UN body explained on Thursday. The agency confirmed again on Thursday that it inspected one of the two locations “a month ago“, emphasizing”no undeclared nuclear activity was found there“.

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“Biological weapons” in Ukraine: Russia calls for UN investigation into Washington’s involvement, US condemns “pure invention”

Russia has asked the UN Security Council to launch an international investigation into Washington’s alleged involvement in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday. “Russia had no choice but to ask the President of the UN Security Council to launch an international investigation.“on top of”Biological military activity of the United States on the territory of Ukraine“, he says in his press release that this complaint is accompanied by a corresponding draft resolution.

Such are Russia’s accusations about Washington’s involvement.”is pure invention“, announced the American ambassador to the UN before the Security Council on Thursday. “We all know that these claims are pure fiction made without any evidence.Linda Thomas-Greenfield said. “But I must take this opportunity to make it clear: Ukraine does not have a biological weapons program (…) The United States does not have a biological weapons program.“.

not the UN”not modern“Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Adedeji Ebo said of the biological weapons program in Ukraine. “We are aware of Russia’s (…) official complaint regarding allegations of a biological weapons program in Ukraine.“, he declared before the Security Council. “As High Representative Izumi Nakamitsu told the Council in March and May, the UN is not aware of such a biological weapons program. It is the same todayThat the UN has no mandate ortechnical skillsto investigate.

Putin says the world is entering the “most dangerous” decade since World War II

The world is entering its decadethe most dangerousSince World War II, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that the West is trying to maintain its hegemony on the planet. “We are at a historic moment. We are facing arguably the most dangerous, important, unpredictable decade” Since 1945, the Russian leader who judged that the planet was “inrevolutionary situationbecause the West is lookingout of desperationto enforce his rule.

Moreover, Russia is only defending itself.”the right to existIn front of the Western powers, Vladimir Putin said. “Russia is not challenging the West, Russia is simply defending its right to exist“, he affirmed during his speech before the Valdai discussion forum in Moscow, accusing Americans and Westerners of wantingto destroy, erase (Russia) from the map“.

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Biden has no intention of sitting and discussing with Putin at the next G20

The White House noted that Joe Biden was “absent.”no intentionIn November, he will hold a bilateral meeting with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

American President”He has no intention of sitting down with Vladimir PutinThis was announced by John Kirby, the executive spokesman for national security issues. Joe Biden has previously announced that he is notno intentionMeeting with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman there.

The Kremlin accuses Ukraine of withdrawing from negotiations with Russia “at the behest” of the United States

The Kremlin on Thursday accused Ukraine of withdrawing from the March 20 peace talks with Russia.by orderThe United States of America, howevera very, very difficult balance had been struckBetween Kyiv and Moscow.

The text was actually ready. (…) And then suddenly the Ukrainian side disappeared from the radar, (it) declared that it no longer wanted to continue negotiations.Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, said that Vladimir Putin is judging.revealed“he”such rejection of already agreed agreements was clearly done at the behest of Washington“. “This is pretty obvious“, he hammered the press.

The Pentagon says that Russia is the most serious threat to the United States

Russia represents aacute dangerFor the United States, the Pentagon said in a new defense strategy released Thursday. It was a riskThis was demonstrated by the latest unjustified invasion of Ukraine“, according to the document. “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine underscores that the nuclear threat persists and may worsen in an increasingly competitive and volatile geopolitical context.“However, the Pentagon believes that China poses a risk.”MainFor the security of the United States.

IMF chief says 2023 aid pledges to Ukraine ‘enough’

The promises of aid to Ukraine are coming from the USA and the European Union”enoughfor 2023, IMF Executive Director Kristalina Georgieva said in an interview with AFP on Thursday. “Yes, we should approach Ukraine with sufficient financial support by 2023Kristalina Georgiyeva said this at a conference organized by the European Commission in Brussels. “Looking ahead to next year, the needs are great, but they are not completely out of step with the current situation.he continued, however, adding that the prognosis remains uncertain.

With Ukraine’s economy devastated by Russia’s eight-month offensive, President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to international creditors to fill his country’s $38 billion budget gap for 2023. The IMF estimated Ukraine’s monthly financial needs for 2023 at three or four billion euros. up to five billion if war-related destruction worsens.

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The Russian parliament allows the mobilization of ex-convicts convicted of serious crimes

Russian lawmakers on Thursday approved amendments to a law that would allow the mobilization of ex-prisoners convicted of serious crimes who could now be sent to fight in Ukraine. These include persons who were released from prison less than eight years ago (forserious crimes“) or less than ten years ago (“for”especially serious crimes“).

Until now, the mobilization law signed by President Vladimir Putin in September prohibited the employment of such ex-convicts. Under the changes voted by the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, on Thursday, only people convicted of pedophilia, hostage-taking or assault, illicit trafficking of radioactive materials, espionage or treason cannot be mobilized. . Deputies also voted on the law regulating the status of volunteers on Thursdayto assist the armed forcesduring armed conflicts or anti-terrorist operations, within the country and abroad.

Ukraine further restricts electricity consumption after new Russian strikes

Ukraine’s central regions will further curtail electricity consumption following Russia’s new strikes on energy infrastructure, an adviser to Ukraine’s presidency said on Thursday. “The energy sector has to impose tighter restrictions to avoid a complete blackout in the center of the country.warned Kyrylo Tymoshenko on Telegram about electricity consumption.

He said that the capital Kyiv, Chernihiv, Cherkassy and Zhytomyr regions are worried, without clarifying whether the strikes caused casualties. “Such measures allow power companies to quickly repair damaged facilities and maintain the balance of the system.electricity production, Ukrainian operator Ukrenergo said.

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