Slovenia elects its president, the favorite is a well-known lawyer and inexperienced in politics

Slovenia elects its president on Sunday, November 13, with a beloved, well-known lawyer, political novice, and the country’s first woman to lead. Polls confirm more than 50% of voting intentions for Natasa Pirc Musar, compared to 44-49% for her conservative opponent, the winner of the October 23 first round, former foreign minister Anze Logar.

The 54-year-old lawyer, who in the past represented the interests of Melania Trump, the former First Lady of the Slovene America, should really be able to count on the votes of the center-left voters, whose candidate was defeated in the first round. .

In the face of weak mobilization, Mr. Logar, 46, warned analysts in the country of 2 million people from the former Yugoslavia and a member of the European Union (EU) since 2004. “I entered this fight to win”he started voting early in the morning in the capital, Ljubljana, full of optimism.

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Give more substance to the role of president

Several Slovenians rushed to the opening of the offices at 7 am (the same time in Paris). The doors will close at 19:00, the first results are expected in the evening.

Among the early risers, pensioner Silva Lotric expressed his hope of seeing MI Victory of Pirj Musar. “If he wins, he will definitely make changes [au rôle de président] »he commented.

A candidate who appoints himself during the campaign “liberal”indeed he emphasized the desire to give more substance to this essentially ceremonial position. “The president cannot be neutral, he must have an opinion”to be “moral authority”he noted between rounds. “I have never been afraid to make my voice heard. »

Retired head of state Borut Pahor was often criticized for his passive attitude towards controversial former prime minister Janez Jansa. Natasa Pirc Musar, a former TV presenter, made a name for herself in the 2000s by heading the Slovenian Data Protection Authority.

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A defender of the political class, he opened a law firm in 2016 and regularly investigates TVs as an expert. Motorcycle lover M.I Pirc Musar has come under attack because of her husband’s lucrative investment activities, particularly in tax havens.

“Perhaps because I am a woman, I have faced harsher accusations than others. They called me a careerist, you would never call me a man.”she cried with desire to be “female voice” in Slovenia and abroad.

A conservative candidate in a “moderate” campaign

On the contrary, conservatives are desperate for revenge after a heavy defeat in April’s legislative elections. Anze Logar, one of the main tenors of Janez Janša’s Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), was careful to keep his distance from the former prime minister, except when the two were seen together briefly. on the evening of the first round.

In the Slovenian presidential election, conservative candidate Anze Logar votes in the second round of voting to be held in Ljubljana on November 13, 2022.

No label, unifying slogan and campaign “average” : promised to be a polite candidate who never leaves his bike “President of all citizens”Jansa, of which he is a part from 2020 to 2022, is far from radical positions against the media and justice.

A message eager to reassure voters like Rok Novak, a 50-year-old economist who met in an office in Ljubljana “in such a polarized country”. Although his opponent is supported by the liberal Prime Minister Robert Golob, Anze Logar claims his role. “monitoring”counterweight “desirable for a democratic system”.

“But to his credit, he has more than two decades of dedicated service in a powerful hierarchical party where everyone is accountable to the president. [Janez Jansa]this suggests the possibility that he is just a puppet.” If he is elected, Uros Esih, a newspaper columnist, believes Delo.

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