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Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe

Ultimate: Thomas Coville returns to the game

While Saturday’s race was largely dominated by Francois Gabart and Charles Caudrelier, Thomas Coville returned to link up with the two favorites after a well-coordinated transition from the Azores. Ultimes faces tricky wind conditions: “It’s a bit of a war going on out there, the wind is super erratic. You have to be careful, it’s not a dream yet, it’s still uncomfortable and quite intense, but I’m looking forward to getting my oily skin off,” Charles Caudrelier admitted in the session.

Score (6:03): 1. Charles Caudrelier (Edmond de Rothschild) 1923 nm from the finish; 2. F. Gabart (SVR-Lazartigue) 26.4 nm from the leader; 3. T. Coville (Sodebo) 93.5 nm; 4. F. Joyon (Idec Sport) 414.8 nm; 5. Y. Le Blevec (Actual) 438.5 nm; 6. A. Le Vaillant (Better) 565.2 nm; 7. R. Pilliard (re-use by Extia) 1067.3 nm; 8. A. Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire XI) 1116.4 nm.

Imoca: Charlie Dalin is still the master

Charlie Dalin is still widening the gap with his first rivals: he is now nearly 70 miles ahead of second-placed Jérémie Beyou. Behind, Beyou, Ruyant and Escoffier have a great battle as they approach the Azores. “It’s hard to know where we’re positioned, it’s not that clear, it’s hard to know if we’re getting a little closer and we can go south. A decision will be made tonight,” said Paul Meilhat at the session.

Score (6:03): 1. Charlie Dalin (Apivia) 2504.4 nm from the finish; 2. J. Beyou (Charal) 69.5 nm from first; 3. T. Ruyant (LinkedOut) 74.2 nm; 4. K. Escoffier (Holcim – PRB) 87.2 nm; 5. P. Meilhat (Biotherm) 88 nm; 6. M. Sorel (V and B – Montbana – Mayenne) 96.2 nm; 7. J. Mettraux ( 104.1 nm; 8. Y. Bestaven (Maitre Cog) 134.8 nm; 9. B. Dutreux (Guyot environment – Water Family) 140.2 nm; 10. N. Troussel (CORUM Savings) 147 nm…

Ocean Fifty slowed down after the Vauchel-Camus conversion

“With Thibault’s accident (ed. Thibaut Vochel-Camus overturned last night), it’s true that everything calmed down, I started attacking again for 2-3 hours, but I just had a big feeling of fear. I haven’t slept all night, I need to be careful. This is the observation of Quentin Vlamynck, the current leader of the Ocean Fifty fleet, which is on a difficult front to negotiate beyond the Azores. The top five boats in the race are still grouped together.

Score (6:03): 1. Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema) 2472.5 nm from the finish; 2. S. Rogues (Primonial) 27.4 nm from first; 3. E. Le Roux (Coesio) 60.1 nm; 4. A. Tripon (Les P’tits Doudous) 75.8 nm; 5. E. Peron (Comilfo) 112 nm; 6. G. Lamiré (GCA Group – 1001 smiles) 218.5 nm.

Class40: still a compact leading group, struggling boats at the front

The lead group, led by Corentin Duggen, is as tight as ever with the top five at less than 15 miles. On the back end, it looks like the front pass is doing some damage. In addition to Aurelien Ducroz and Amélie Grassi being scrapped on Saturday evening, several boats are heading to the Spanish coast: Casenave-Péré, Kostelic and Piperol are leaving from yesterday due to various problems.

Score (6:03): 1. Corentin Douguet (Queguiner – Innoveo) at a distance of 2751.8 nm from the finish line; 2. X. Macarius (SNEF Group) 6.4 nm from the first; 3. Y. Richomme (Paprec Arkéa) 9.4 nm; 4. Mr. Perraut (Inter Invest) 11.6 nm; 5. A. Beccaria (Allagrande Pirelli) 14.8 nm; 6. S. Koster (Banque du Léman) 19.3 nm; 7. L. Berry (Lamotte – Creation Module) 19.4 nm; 8. A. Bona (IBSA) 20.6 nm; 9. I. lipinski (Crédit Mutuel) 20.6 nm; 10. A. Tréhin (Project Rescue Ocean) 33.6 nm…

Rum Multi: Buekenhout continues solo rider, Poupon gone

Although Philippe Poupon left La Coruña late on Saturday evening, Gilles Buekenhout is still in the lead, having widened the gap over his rivals with every point.

Score (6:03): 1. Gilles Buekenhout (Jess) 2729.8 nm from the finish; 2. R. Jourdain (We Discover) 57.5 ​​nm; 3. B. Maisonneuve (CMA Ile de France 6000 rebound) 64.5 nm; 4. M. Guillemot (Metarom) 80.3 nm; 5. H. Mabire (GDD) 140.5 nm; 6. G. Chapalain (Guyader – Savéol) 159.6 nm; 7. F. Payen (towards Ille-et-Vilaine Cap Inclusion) 277.7 nm; 8. E. Tiboumeri (Interaction) 279.3 nm; 9. C. Capelle (Acapella) 287.5 nm; 10. T. Lurton (Moxie – Armor Frame) 302.8 nm…

Rum Mono: Jean-Pierre Dick doesn’t give up

Score (6:03): 1. Jean-Pierre Dick (Notre Méditerranée – Ville de Nice) finish 2786.3 nm; 2. J. Chabaud (Formatives Esi Business School for Ocean as Commons) 75.2 nm from the first; 3. W. Bissainte (Tradition Gwadloup) 102.2 nm; 4. W. Clerton (Cap au Cap Location) 113.4 nm; 5. D. Ecalard (SOS Pare Brise +) 189.1 nm; 6. O. Nemsguern (Elora) 207.7 nm; 7. A. Pennarun (Pen Duick III for children of Robert Debre) 276.4 nm; 8. G. Colubi (Cornog 2) 279.8 nm; 9. G. Pronier (Terranimo) 284.4 nm; 10. F. Gennari (Bella Donna – Race for a Pure Ocean) 299.5 nm…

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