“Nadine Morano, Brice Hortefeux and Geoffroy Didier suffer from political schizophrenia”

Nadine Morano occasionally comes to Pascal Praud’s CNews shoot. She always welcomes him there, likes his frankness and right side. But this Tuesday morning, the host lost a bit of patience and spoke loudly about what he thought of LR’s attitude, especially the Fournas thing. The former Family Minister had to pull out the oars to defend Eric Ciotti, whom Pascal Proud accused of sleeping around leaving the deputy RN for the Gironde to punish. And the former leader of FC Nantes to add to the theme “Your party deserves to die”.

Where the host of L’heure des pros crashes is the belief that Nadine Morano will be more clear in her choices than her other friends from LR. In fact, Nadine Morano, like MEPs Brice Hortefeux and Geoffroy Didier, is completely inconsistent. One could even feel sorry for the three people suffering from political schizophrenia who needed urgent treatment. Here, indeed, are the people who play “To the Right of Me You Die” on all holy days and deny in their actions everything they vehemently affirm on the CNews tapes as elsewhere.

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When Bruno Retailleau signed a column accompanied by Julien Aubert and François-Xavier Bellamy Express Who were the biggest detractors of Chirac and Sarkozy, demanding an inventory of mandates? Nadine Morano and her Sarkozy friends are prominent in the committee supporting Eric Ciotti. Bruno Retailleau would be ungrateful, bad man. But who rushed to respond to Emmanuel Macron’s invitation to the Plateau des Glières a few days before the 2019 Europeans and gave a clear political signal to LR voters not to vote for François-Xavier Bellamy? Of course, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Not a contradiction

By the way, let’s note that Geoffroy Didier, who always elegantly wore the mask of a traitor in politics, when he was the head of the election campaign, stabbed the head of the LR list less than two hours after the announcement of the results. Class! Who has never supported a candidate for the presidential election of LR, whose name was announced for the first time since 1995, when warrior whistles were heard? Nicolas Sarkozy again. Who was forcibly rejected by almost all members to a political agreement with Emmanuel Macron as the only lifeline for LR, i.e. a good and proper form of alliance, despite which Nadine always asked for an autograph? Nicolas Sarkozy, finally.

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When Morano pulls out the oars, he explains that Sarkozy is a former president. It’s not the same because his relationship with the present places another responsibility on him. As long as it happened during an official ceremony in Glières or in the absence of support for a presidential candidate, it was defensible, but after an interview JDD By Nicolas Sarkozy and the open challenge to the Renaissance-LR coalition, Nadine Morano is clearly not interested in our pear, Pascal Praud, our LR members and all the journalists or columnists who follow these elections for the presidency of the LR.

But isn’t this about the Family Minister who on the one hand plays the RPR Pasqua regime, on the other hand votes for resolutions against flogging in the Council of Europe and says “yes” to surrogacy? Wasn’t the 2014 European leader in the Grand Est played by a Eurosceptic, but began his campaign half-mourning at Robert Schuman’s grave? Emmanuel Macron is often rightfully accused of being a man of a thousand suits. LR members should start to care about the different masks and costumes of Nadine Morano and her friends Hortefeux and Didier, whose activity in the European Parliament is far from being as productive as that of Francois-Xavier Bellamy or Arnaud Danjean. . Perhaps they will draw positive conclusions from this as the next presidential elections approach.

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