LIVE – PSG-Auxerre: “Perfect afternoon”, Galtier in paradise after Paris manita

Christophe Galtier on Ekitike: “He was a bit upset, disappointed”

Christophe Gaultier, who participated in the press conference, congratulated Hugo Ekitike after his first goal in the colors of PSG.

“Hugo asked to speak to me. Our exchange is very structured. He was getting a little nervous, nervous. I told him to take advantage of every moment of the sessions and to connect with the best players. In the world. I told him that he was in an incredible squad. Progress happens with games and minutes played. “When you’re in a squad like that, progress comes with training. He had a morale hit. He wasn’t set up at Reims. He left at the time and that’s understandable. The job of the staff (technical and medical) and myself was to mobilize him again so he could train. regain his motivation. regained in demand, intensity and was able to connect with our senior players through sessions. He accepts the rhythm and the criteria. He was unfortunate in Lorient for the striker. He had situations. even if it was behind the first goal we scored. This afternoon he came in came in and scored. Very good for him. He was waiting for this first goal at the Parc des Princes. I saw his partners were very happy for him and that’s good is a sign”.

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Galtier evokes the “perfect” afternoon

Christophe Galtier on the microphone of Prime Video: “The afternoon is perfect. I can’t say almost perfect, it’s perfect. We missed only one chance, we had a serious match, everyone wanted to play this match, nobody was particularly worried about the World Cup. Probably the most I was. So I wanted to relieve Ney, Leo…Kylian stayed on the lawn, but he is 23 years old. Ney also stopped in the middle of the race. During the week session, Leo came back without overloading the calf. I am happy with the entries of Renato and Hugo.

His next few weeks? “I will use my family, my grandson. Then I will go to Doha for four days with my president and leaders to watch three matches, including a game for the French national team.”

‘It’s in the head’: Reassuring message from Kimpembe before finding Blues

Presnel Kimpembe on the microphone of Prime Video: “I’m doing very well, I had a chance to play again for a few minutes, it feels good. Nothing to say. The weather is nice, there are people, it was a good match, we’re using it. My rhythm? Am I very good or a I couldn’t play for a few minutes. I played without fear again. I prepared myself well for this. It’s true, I had a hard time with these injuries, but if I’m back on the field, everything will be fine.

Did he doubt it? “Do you doubt? No. I’m a person who likes to move forward day by day, I don’t like regrets, I always give my best to come back. It’s done. 90 minutes? No problem, everything. Go.”

Are you happy to go to the World Cup? “Of course we’re happy. We’ve been thinking about this World Cup for a while, even with our commitments with the club, it was in the back of our minds. The first part of the championship is over, we’ll do it. Focus on the French team. (On injuries) I’m not worried, it’s “There’s quality in the squad, we’re lucky to have an incredible pool. After that, it’s the coach who makes the choice.”

It’s over! PSG fix Auxerre

Paris hosted Auxerre in their last game before the 2022 World Cup. The Parisians had a perfect afternoon.

Mukiele wins with a headbutt

Although Pablo Sarabia found Mukiele in the area during a free kick from outside the center, the Parisian defender could not keep his head down.

Jeanvier comes out on a stretcher

These are the images we do not like to see. Auxerre defender goes out on a stretcher. The Burgundians will finish in 10th as they have no more changes.

Jeanvier looks impressed

Jeanvier is left on the ground after his mistake. Caretakers are with him and carry the stretcher to the lawn of the Park.

Ekitike unlocks the meter

It’s done! Hugo Ekitike opens the counter against PSG after a defensive blunder.

Final change for Auxerre

Seconds after the last Parisian substitution, Christophe Pellissier also made himself available as Sakhi was replaced by M’Changama.

The latest Paris change

Christophe Galtier makes the final change with youngster Warren Zaire-Emery replacing Marco Verratti. Kylian Mbappe finishes the match.

Renato Sanchez brand

Hugo Ekitike trips Benoît Costil, but Renato Sánchez inherits the ball and uses the post to level the Auxerre keeper.

The referee loses control

Hugo Ekitike replaces the Referee, but the Moroccan ex-Rémois fails to control a difficult ball.

Change for Parisians

Christophe Galtier makes a triple change. Messi, Neymar and Ramos leave and are replaced by Sarabia, Ekitike and Kimpembe.

Nice try by Perrin

Perrin takes his chance from 25 yards and forces Donnarumma to make a save.

New change for Auxerre

Autret is replaced by ex-Brestois Gaëtan Charbonnier.

18th post for Messi

Lionel Messi hit the post for PSG for the 18th time in all competitions.

Writing for Messi

Lionel Messi crosses the ball and curls in with his left foot, but the ball ends up at Benoît Costil’s right post.

Soler leaves, Sanchez returns

Carlos Soler leaves his place in this match after scoring and assisting. He is replaced by Sanchez.

Triple change for Auxerre

Christophe Pellissier makes changes after the third goal with Da Costa, Hein and Perrin replacing Niang, Sinayoko and Joly.

Hakimi scores the third goal

The score is getting tougher at the Parc des Princes! Soler works Hakim on the express counter and quickly tricks the Moroccan Costil.

Ramos intervenes

M’Baye Niang manages to control and crosses to Autret, but Sergio Ramos crosses in front and pushes back for a corner.

Jeanvier gathers his head

A corner from two plays in and Autret finds Jeanvier at the far post, but the Auxerre defender heads wide.

Soler doubles down

Playing with two defenders on the left, Mendes finishes with a header before crossing to Soler.

Nice sequence by Niang

Alert at the back of the Parisian defence, M’Baye Niang controls, drives towards goal and shoots, but his effort goes wide.

Two Parisians warming up

Christophe Galtier sent two players for warm-up. Renato Sanches and Hugo Ekitike are out.

Back to the park!

Thomas Leonard begins the second act. PSG took the lead thanks to Kylian Mbappe’s goal.

It’s half past one

Thomas Leonard blows the whistle to end the first half, sending the two teams to the locker room. PSG are logically in the lead thanks to Kylian Mbappe.

Sakhi misses his shot

Hamza Sakhi, well served by Autret near the opposite end, takes a first-time shot but the ball goes wide.

two more minutes

The fourth official will have two minutes of overtime in this first act.

Speed ​​is average

As half-time approached, the Parisians finished at a slow pace, clearly unwilling to score a second goal before heading back to the dressing room.

Messi is rolling

Kylian Mbappé dives deep and finds Messi on the surface with a roll that misses. Finally, an offside signal is given.

Auxerre is struggling to get out

Although they try to do it right, the Burgundians rarely or never get the balls out.

Mbappe calls for help

Mbappe dribbles as he enters the opposition box and Jolie intervenes, but the Frenchman calls for help. Thomas Leonard doesn’t hesitate.

Welcome from Jeanvier

Nuno Mendes dives deep behind the Burgundy defense and cuts back to Messi, but Jeanvier makes a good save.

MNM seeks and finds himself

PSG’s attacking trio is standing at the start of the match. Mbappe finds Neymar in the area as he heads towards Messi, but the Auxerre defense intervenes.

Sinayoko strikes

The Auxerre winger rolls in after a good pass from Sakhi to Sinayoko, but Donnarumma isn’t surprised and grabs the skin.

Niang forces Donnarumma to stop

A good deep ball is volleyed in by M’Baye Niang but Donnarumma makes a good save.

Despite Neymar’s hand early in the move, the goal was confirmed

After Mbappe’s goal and a huge challenge by Auxerrois, VAR analyzed images of Neymar’s hand in action before the goal… the French striker. 1-0, that is.

Mbappe opens the scoring

After a perfect combination, Mbappé turns in Nuno Mendes’ excellent cross. PSG logically get the upper hand.

Costil comes out

After a good combination from MNM, Mbappé is launched deep by the Argentine, but Benoît Costil comes out and intervenes.

A beautiful tribute from Auxerrois for the victims of November 13

Before the start, the memory of the victims of November 13, 2015 was commemorated with a minute of silence. Auxerre supporters in turn wore the iconic blue-white-red tarpaulin with the date 13/11/2015 at the top. .

Auxerrois tarp at Parc des Princes © RMC Sport

Auxerre suffers

From the beginning of the match, the Parisians have the ball and try to break through the very low Auxerre block.

Nuno Mendes center

Nuno Mendes is looking for a back partner in an interesting area, but none of his teammates were there.

A scarf kick for starters

Neymar sets the tone with a scarf kick from the first minute.

Let’s go !

The start of this PSG-Auxerre match at the Parc des Princes. This is the last game of both teams before the WC-2022.

It starts in 10 minutes

Kick-off will be given in 10 minutes for this final match of PSG before the 2022 World Cup.

Auxerre has a sense of intervention

Since the start of the Ligue 1 season, Auxerre is the team with the most interventions with 189 games.

He rose comfortably against Paris

At home, the Parisians have not lost in their last 30 matches against promoted players (27 wins, 3 draws). Auxerre is warned, the task looks complicated.

And here is the composition of Oser

Composition of AJA: Costil – Joly, Raveloson, Jubal, Jeanvier, Mensah – Sinayoko, Touré, Sakhi – Autret, Niang.

Compositions fell, Kimpembe and Vitinha on the bench

Composition of PSG: Donnarumma – Hakimi, Mukiele, Ramos, Mendes – Soler, Verratti, Danilo – Neymar – Messi, Mbappe.

It should be noted that Marco Verratti is the captain.

Mbappe’s nice gesture for Alsatian children

According to DNA, twenty-eight children from the village of Altorf in Alsace have been personally invited by Kylian Mbappe to attend this Sunday’s Ligue 1 matchday 15 match between PSG and Auxerre at the Parc des Princes.

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Circulation before the World Cup?

Will PSG international players be spared from the start of the World Cup in Qatar in D-7? Christophe Galtier warned that he had no intention of “sparing anyone”.

Start at 1 p.m.

Just like last weekend, PSG inherited their Ligue 1 matchday 15 match on Sunday at 1pm. The Parisians welcomed Auxerre at the Parc des Princes.

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