In the spotlight: Iran’s mullahs’ hostage policy

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Catherine Colonna confirms this to the newspaper Sunday in Paris : ” two more compatriots (…) were also detained The number of French citizens detained in Iran has reached 7. In this newspaper, the foreign minister asks that ” immediate release of these seven French or Franco-Iranians, as well as for them ” consular protection “.

The head of French diplomacy also confirms this real diplomatic coldness on the French-Italian slopes of the Alps as a result of the refusal of the Italian humanitarian ship “Ocean Viking” to enter its ports. ” If Italy continues, there will be consequences “, warns Catherine Colonna Sunday in Paris.

I, the president (Marine Le Pen)

Also on the front page: Marine Le Pen. Far from fearing the possible dissolution of the National Assembly, the former president of the National Assembly insists that he does not want to be prime minister. in an interview Sunday newspaperMarine Le Pen remembers that she was targeted for the presidency of the Republic and therefore does not wish. to be prime minister “. He is the president, will not accept these smugglers’ boats dropping off migrants in our place “Marine Le Pen says it again JDD.

Terrorism, a constant threat

Today, November 13, 7 years after the attacks in Paris. A memorial service is planned for their victims this Sunday. For three out of four French people, the threat of terrorism remains high. according to the Ifop survey published by the site Sunday newspaper, 76% of the French think so, while 24% think the opposite. Digital fears falling “Since November 2020 and the killing of Samuel Pati, he emphasizes JDD.

Damage to the fleet

Yesterday, November 11, France remembered the moment of the armistice of the First World War more… Poll by Odoxa Le Figaro In support, we stated that the vast majority of French people love their army. They would probably be horrified to learn how often these beloved army quarters fall into disrepair.

A request Express notes,” Despite the increase in the defense budget, the army sometimes thrives in inhospitable living and fighting conditions “. Among other examples reported by the magazine, this reservist is sure that ” Charles-de-Gaulle’s toilets are out of order (…) $800 nuclear aircraft carrier billion euros is inevitable, it is strangehe admitted Express. It is enough to bring down Mars, the god of war, from the heavenly Olympus.

Not all of us will go to heaven

Heavens, to be exact. Everything is going very well for them. ” They are of course they are tax havens. Renaud Van Ruymbeke condemns it weekly Obs. The author of the book fist “, called In the seathis former judge, specialist in financial documents and in particular instructing in the cases of Bowlin, Urba, Elf, Kerviel, Karachi, Clearstream and Cahuzac, recalls that in September 2009, the then President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, announced: ” Tax havens are over. »

Thirteen years later, tax havens have never been more prosperousRenaud Van Ruymbeke laments in this magazine. Laundering schemes drain more and more money. They literally dry up the public accounts of all countries. “Into ObsRenaud Van Ruymbeke notes that the economist Gabriel Zucman ” estimates that assets hidden through offshore companies are $8.7 trillion. to understandterrifies the ex-judge, this amount corresponds to a century of French income tax ! It’s as deceiving as it is crazy… »

histrions » climate

They are scandalized by environmental degradation. ” They are are climate activists. Point, Express, Marianne, Current values, Paris match… It makes you wonder if all these weeklies have promised to put this new generation of climate activists, followers of civil disobedience, on the front page to propagate their madness? attacking works of art in museums; by blocking traffic at what peak hours; desecrating golf greens or disrupting theater performances…

for Paris matchis here” fist generation » for Current valuesThese are ” climate jokes » whom” radical green » from the front page Marianne ; they are ultra radicals » weekly Point ; and he Express believes that with such actions, ecology” sunk “. A thousand portholes!

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