HANDBALL. France – Montenegro: watch the match live

With three wins in the first round, Les Bleues approach the main round in an ideal position. Since they are undefeated against the Montenegrins, they intend to qualify for the semi-finals. Watch the match between France and Montenegro live with us.

20:32 – Foppa lob Rajcic

Zaadi attacks from the left and on the arrow passes to Nze Minko who finds Foopa on the turn. The last opponent scored a goal against the goalkeeper and opened the score (1:0).

20:31 – Darleux decisive entry

Raicević takes the ball and passes Jauković to the left. The back takes a break, but stumbles on Darleux, who has already recovered.

20:30 – Start in Skopje!

The French start against Montenegro and fail to score in their first action.

20:27 – Great Montenegrin typhus

A large colony of Montenegrins visited North Macedonia for their game. A large tifo was placed over the entire side stand while the anthem was played. The atmosphere for the French team promises to be hot.

20:25 – Krumbholz: “The most cunning team”

“We hope for quality refereeing. We know they will play when they want to influence them. If we have mediocre referees, they will be really upset. They are the trickiest team (of the Euros) by no means.”Olivier Krumbholz warns that he hopes the Norwegian couple chosen to organize the meeting will remain impartial despite pressure from the Montenegrin public.

20:23 – Two teams enter

The players of the French national team have just been presented to the public. Montenegrins will also enter the field before the anthems have been played.

20:20 – Radičević danger

After three games, Jovanka Radičević is already Montenegro’s top scorer with 20 goals. The 36-year-old winger has missed just three shots since the start of the competition and is 87% successful (20/23). For her part, Milena Raicević leads the Montenegrin game brilliantly and is the best passer in Euros with 30 spawns distributed.

20:15 – Darleux dominates his goal

Cléopâtre Darleux is the second best goalkeeper in the competition with a save percentage of 46.77% (29/62). Only Norwegian Silje Margaretha Solberg does better with 47.83%.

20:10 – In the footsteps of the 2012 generation

Since the first round of the 2019 World Cup, Montenegro has not been able to achieve three consecutive successes in a major competition. Montenegro started the World Cup with 4 wins against Senegal (29-25) and Kazakhstan (30-21). , Hungary (25-24) and Romania (27-26). He achieved this indicator for the only time in 2012 and won a gold medal at the Euro.

20:05 – Les Bleues have had a string of successes

France continues its victory in the 8th place. Les Bleues have not traveled to the Czech Republic since April 20, a defeat and qualification for the Euros. This is his only defeat since the 2021 World Cup final against Norway (22-29).

20:00 – Nine years of famine

Montenegro has not won against France for 9 years. Montenegro’s last success against “Les Bleues” coincided with the London Olympics. The 2012 European champions fought off Alexandra Lacrabère, Amandine Leynaud and others to reach the semi-finals thanks to a last-second penalty by Katarina Bulatovic.

19:55 – Passage of 10?

France have won their last nine matches against Montenegro, averaging just over 5 goal difference.

19:50 – Les Bleues had the key in 2021

In the last clash between the two countries, at the 2021 World Cup in Spain, France mastered their theme perfectly (24-19). Shut out in the first period, the Blues turned up the volume after that, closing ranks in defence, with Lassource and Zaadi leading the charge with 6 and 5 goals respectively.

19:45 – Montenegro confident

Montenegro is undefeated in this European Championship. In the last match of the first round, Montenegrins defeated Poland (26-23), led by pyrotechnician Jovanka Radicevic, the author of 12 goals.

19:40 – Good test against Holland

In the last match of the first round, France won against the Netherlands (26-24). Still leading the table, the Blues relied on their squad and an excellent goal from Cleopâtre Darleux (14 saves) to complete their third win of the competition and remain unbeaten.

19:35 – Act XVI

France and Montenegro have met 15 times in their history. Les Bleues dominate the debate with 12 wins to 3 defeats.

19:30 – Good evening and welcome

Good evening and welcome to live commentary of the European Women’s Handball Championship. Group II leaders France begin the second round against top-placed Montenegro, also crowned with three wins.

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