Evening in Normandy, assizes, politics, diabetes: news for Monday, November 14, 2022

Highlights of the New Caledonian news this morning: a sixteen-year-old accused of attempted murder after the Project X evening in Nouméa on Thursday, a case of rape before serious crimes, the weekend independence congresses and reactions among loyalists or even World Diabetes Day.

Yesterday, a 16-year-old boy accused of attempted murder was remanded in custody. He is suspected of stabbing a 25-year-old guest at a party in the industrial zone of Normandy, Noumea, on Thursday evening. A Project X evening gone wrong with over 800 people in attendance. The young man, who was arrested the next day, admitted the facts while under police custody. He allegedly stabbed his victim in the chest with a pair of scissors while being beaten by two other men who are still being sought by police yesterday.

The heavy punishment hearing continues with the rape case. Facts as of October 2018, Mont-Dore. The accused, known to the courts, spoke of consensual sex, a version disputed by the victim. He would escape and face fifteen years in prison. The decision is expected tomorrow.

This impressive road accident took place in Noumea on Saturday night. The car ended up on its roof after hitting a guardrail on the slipway near Ko We Kara. The injured driver was taken to Médipole. Toxicological analyzes revealed that he was under the influence of alcohol.

The political weekend was marked by the congresses of the two main components of the FLNKS, a few days before the double ministerial visit of Gerald Darman and Jean-Francois Carenco. In Yate, the Palika confirmed that it intends to discuss with the state, especially the partnership. In Bourail, the Caledonian Union, through its (renewed) president Daniel Goa, stated that it would not participate in any discussion unless there was a question of full and complete sovereignty.

On the other hand, Palika’s approach was welcomed by Les Loyalists in a statement made yesterday.

Philippe Gomes also reacted. A founding member of the Caledonie ensemble and former MP was a political guest on TV news last night. You can find the interview on the site today.

Virginie Ruffenach also commented on political news. The president of the Congressional Future Trust group was the guest of this morning; It can also be found there on the site.

November 14 is World Diabetes Day, a disease that is ubiquitous in New Caledonia. Today, the diabetes association has a stand at the Pont-des-Français supermarket (at that time in Poindimie on Wednesdays and Nepoui on Fridays). This Monday, free examinations are also possible in pharmacies or in the analytical laboratories of the Caledobio group. The Health and Social Care Agency will be offering an information and drop-in point from 8am to noon on Thursday at CCAS in Boulary.

Abundant water, heavy rain and flooding: this is what Météo France NC is predicting for this warm season. How is Caledonia preparing for its third La Nina summer? How to warn the population and ensure their safety? We talk about it on the radio in the afternoon in the magazine Country Questions from this monday.

The second week of the COP 27 talks begins today in Egypt. And after Bourake’s corals, Touho unity is in place. This is the Ho-ut union. Its president was invited as an observer through SLN.

The Research Development Institute wants to identify medicinal plants used to treat children in Caledonia, as well as in French Polynesia and Vanuatu. Researchers from mainland France, supported by ethno-botanist Edouard Hnawia, will meet with the population to learn more about traditional healing methods.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education announced that at the beginning of the 2023 school year, compulsory mathematics will be returned to the general curriculum for high school students.
An hour and a half of mathematics for first general students who have not chosen a major. How this will be implemented in Caledonia is not yet known.

A heritage treasure handed over to the New Caledonian Archives last week. An original register of 90 calligraphic pages listing the first 60 transport convoys sent to the penal colony from 1864 to 1887. The document was found in a private house during the donation of books to the maritime museum. The Testimony of the Past community attracts Caledonians, who may have dream treasures in a few old chests.

The table tennis Melanesia Cup was held in Nouméa this weekend. Jérémy Dey’s win, four games to two with Papuan Geoffrey Loi. In the ladies, former regional technical advisor Cathy Gauthier returned to action, winning in four sets to 0 against Lorie Lay.

Searches continued in Tahiti near Papenoo to find 3 children and a pregnant woman missing in the region. Despite the capricious weather, they were concentrated on the beach and in the sea, with many volunteers still coming to help.

“I had a very good conversation with Mr. Lee. It was very positive and constructive.” Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said after exchanging views with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. The first one-on-one meeting between the leaders of the two countries since 2019. This happened on Saturday evening during a gala dinner at the Asean summit in Phnom Penh. Relations between China and Australia soured sharply after the then-Conservative government called for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak. China responded with trade sanctions. Anthony Albanese also had a forty-minute meeting with US President Joe Biden in Cambodia.

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