Devialet launches its first portable speaker, instant bank transfers will soon be free in Europe, this week’s roundup

Devialet Mania is a sleek, powerful and accurate speaker, European Commission wants to make instant bank transfers free, Free Mobile subscribers can now activate their eSIM, this week’s summary.

This week we bring you the incredible office chair from Volkwagen and the first portable connected speaker from Devialet, the Devialet Mania. While instant bank transfers may soon be free in Europe, Free Mobile subscribers are finally able to switch to eSIM cards for just €10, and Microsoft is hoping that the European Commission’s decision will allow them to finally buy Activision-Blizzard.

Unique Volkswagen office chair

It was at Volkswagen Norway that the designers decided to create an office chair with atypical features. Indeed, it is a seat equipped with a reversing camera, touch screen, USB port and even 360 sensors. The office chair is also equipped with five wheels, luggage, LED headlights and a maximum speed of 20 km/h. .

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Volkswagen office chair / Credit – Volkswagen

Devialet Mania: high-end connected speaker

Devialet has introduced its first portable speaker, the Devialet Mania. Starting at €790 and equipped with the latest technology, this beautifully designed luxury product combines power and precision. The Devialet Mania comes with Active Stereo Calibration (ASC) technology and will be available in several colors.

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La Devialet Mania / Credit – Devialet

Instant transfers could soon be free

According to our colleagues at MoneyVox, instant bank transfers could finally be free across all European banks. This decision of the European Commission can be explained by the insufficient percentage of instant transfers carried out in Europe, that is, only 11% of all transfers.

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Credits – Unsplash

Free Mobile subscriber, activate your eSIM card for only €10

The news was shared on Twitter, Free Mobile subscribers can now activate virtual SIM cards for €10. To carry out this operation and after ordering your eSIM card, you need to go to the section My SIM orders In your Mobile Subscriber Area. After a few minutes and restarting your smartphone, you will switch to eSIM.

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Xbox and PlayStation: Not compatible with Microsoft, Sony

Microsoft knows it, Sony ” market leader” Video game. Microsoft target as European Commission opens investigation into Activision-Blizzard pending ruling by March 23, 2023 “making the game available on Xbox and PlayStation on the same day so people have more access to games, not less.It remains to be seen whether the European Commission will judge this takeover as unfair competition.

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Credits – Microsoft

Our tests of the week

X-Trail e-power: Nissan presents the thermal electric car concept

If you’re interested in electrics and have doubts, the X-Trail’s e-power may fool you. Nissan presents a concept that is thermal electric with e-power. We love its acoustic and vibration comfort, especially its complete equipment and electrical autonomy. Be careful, if you decide to travel in the seven-seater version, you will have to accept the sacrifice of your luggage.

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Nothing Earbud: We were disappointed with the audio part

If nothing here offers headphones with a beautiful design and respectable autonomy, the fact remains that the sound department leaves much to be desired. Indeed, the sound deserves more attention, the microphone is of poor quality and the headphones themselves are not very comfortable. We also regret the impractical color code and the Press Control, which is not intuitive enough.

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