The Senate votes to postpone the legal age to 64 and puts pressure on the government

Using debate over the 2023 Social Security funding bill, the right-wing Senate voted on pension reform to raise the legal age to 64 on Saturday, against the government’s view that it preferred to consult before introducing it. Its reform in January 2023.

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It was through an amendment to the Social Security 2023 budget proposal that the rapporteur for the aging department, René-Paul Savary (LR), introduced the reform mechanism to the vote of senators.

Adopted by 195 votes to 130 with 19 abstentions, the amendment initially proposes the creation of a parliament. A “national convention” responsible for developing measures to return to balance, taking into account the difficulty, long careers and employment of the elderly. In case of failure, it envisages accelerating the Touraine reform by extending the contribution period and postponing the legal retirement age from 1967 to 64. “on”.

The Renaissance favors temporalization

greeting “sequence” From one year to the next, Mr. Savary’s solidarity minister, Jean-Christophe Combe, made sure to join him. “about goals”. But “In January, we chose a consultation and a bill, not a measure, in the social protection financing bill.”opposed it.

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Emphasizing that the majority Renaissance RDPI group supports the minister “Even the CGT is back at the negotiating table, things are moving forward” With the government opening consultations with unions and employers at the beginning of October. But “It’s time to act” in terms of “The gap in the old age branch is very important”, – said keynote speaker Elizabeth Doineau. Some centrists, allies of the majority, but abstained, such as Jean-Marie Vanlerenberg (MoDem) on the amendment “A Little Far Away” and this“This reform should be accepted from a social and political point of view”.

The left judged this and opposed the amendment“There is no threat to the future of the system” According to communists and environmentalists, and the proposed reform will be “incredibly unfair” for those close to retirement, according to socialists.

Be that as it may, the government may not hold this amendment very well, using the constitutional weapon of Article 49.3, which allows the Assembly to choose the text it is responsible for. “We are under no illusions”Philippe Mouiller (LR) admitted. “We needed this political message” and, “According to our position, we are ready for discussion”he addressed the minister.

New pension reform, why?

In addition to the fiscal balance of the system, the government is pursuing an economic goal by reducing the funding of civil servant pensions, hoping to increase the budget target and the employment participation of the elderly.

  • “The executive’s social reforms are clearly aimed at reinforcing the break with the historical development of the French social system,” by Jean-Claude Barbier and Michael Zemmur, researchers at the Sorbonne Center (CES, Université Paris-). 1 Panthéon Sorbonne).
  • “The actual reduction is less than the theoretical reduction in the retirement age,” by Florence Legros, professor of economics and director of the ICN Business School, and Vincent Touze, economist at the French Observatory of Economic Conditions (OFCE-Sciences Po).
  • “The real pension reform will consist of complementing the pay-as-you-go system with mandatory contributions,” said Philippe Juvin, deputy (LR) for Hauts-de-Seine.
  • “What level of comfort would we miss so much that after 62 years, everyone shouldn’t roll up their sleeves urgently?” », by Nicolas Postel, economist at the Lille Center for Sociological and Economic Studies and Research (Clerce, University of Lille/CNRS) and president of the Orientation Board of the International Research Network on Organizations and Sustainable Development (Riodd).

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