The final straight line for the International Tulle Festival of Photographic Art (Corrèze)

Nature, portraits, everyday life… color or monochrome… The variety of shots is still and always the hallmark of the international photo art festival organized by Tulle Photo Club ASPTT.
The 23rd edition will run until Sunday 13 November and presents three exhibitions in one. The first refers to 303 photos selected from more than 1,300 photos entered during the international competition.

35 History of Poilus d’Auriac, Corrèze, reconstructed in one book

The second is dedicated to Jan Bang, the guest of honor of this 23rd edition. The Perpignan-based photographer presents his dreamlike series Histoires sans visage, sixteen shots inspired by his time in prison.
“Jean Bang is an expert in photomontage. He first takes his background photos. Then he prepares the portraits in the studio and then sets up the scene he imagines on his computer. He received the 2021 Grand Prize for Creativity from the French Federation of Photography” , Dominique Lemoine, Club Photo As the president of ASPTT of Tulle emphasizes.

Short photo film

The third exhibition features a selection of 40 images taken by members of the Tulle Photo Club over two years at the former Banque de France, which has been converted into an accordion and heritage museum.
“After the dust of deconstruction, there is more uniformity in the presentation of construction and reconstruction photos,” Dominique Lemoine emphasizes. Photos that praise the work of the staff of this exceptional site.

The highlight of this last weekend of the festival is in the form of a national meeting organized around short photo-film techniques under the auspices of the Objectif Image association. An advanced, scripted and digital form of what until recently we called slideshows.
Since Friday, “45 people from all over France have participated in these meetings. They participate in creative training. There is also an exchange of ideas, discussions and reviews around the short films shown by the participants. The aim is to improve them. Their job is to final edit and participate in competitions. ”, Dominique Lemoyne explains.
Screenings and debates about the short photo film meetings are open to the public.

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About 1500 visitors

When the doors close tomorrow evening, the audience will be slightly smaller than the previous edition. “We are hoping for about 1,500 visitors compared to about 2,000 last year.”
For Dominique Lemoine, this 2022 edition remains a good vintage in terms of the quality of photographs submitted during the competition. Already, ideas have begun to create an award for travel photography for the 2023 vintage.
The exhibition is open today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 18:30, salle Latreille. ADMISSION IS FREE. Catalogue: €6.

Frederic Rabiller

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