“Ocean Viking”, a political challenge for the government

Repatriation of four passengers after medical examinationocean viking, on the morning of Thursday, November 10, the government decided to allow the ship to land in Toulon (Var). 230 migrants, including 57 children, were transferred to the center on the Giens peninsula on Friday morning. “international waiting area” twenty days.

Anticipating political attacks, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin emphasized the humanitarian reasons and the special context of the situation. “Given the fifteen days at sea that the Italian authorities have forced passengers to wait at sea, we welcome this boat.” he said on Thursday, November 10.

As he prepares to defend the immigration bill, which aims to strike a balance between humanity and robustness, the minister made a second argument. The status of passengers will be investigated very quickly and those who do not meet the asylum criteria will be punished. “updated directly” in their countries of origin.

In these two points, a part of the opposition considers France’s position unfounded.. “Emmanuel Macron Sends Dramatic Coagulation Signal After First Admitting Ship Landing Migrants in French Port”, Marine Le Pen reacted on Twitter, chairman of the RN group in the Assembly. Former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour also condemns “a signal to smugglers”.

Socialist MP Christine Pires-Beaune, like all elected representatives of Nupes, called for his acceptance.ocean vikingthanking the Government for its decision, and considering it imprudent to comment on its exceptional character, “Because no one knows what will happen in the future.”

A show of strength

The elected socialist believes that, above all, it is four years after this new crisisAquarius It is the result of the lack of a European strategy in 2018. “Unless the reception efforts are better distributed among European countries, these situations will be repeated. » Analysis shared by Senator LR François-Noël Buffet. “Greece and Italy have accepted a lot, Europe should do more, it should wait for the issue of care and reception of refugees”, judges the author of several reports on migration policy.

The determination of the Minister of Internal Affairs is also difficult to convince. Survivors “They will not be able to leave the administrative center where we will host them, and therefore will not technically be on French soil.”, he said. Officials from the French Office for the Protection of Refugees (Ofpra) have been mobilized to conduct up to 90 interviews a day from this Friday through Saturday, public authorities are assured.

But this first waiting area in the area is strongly condemned, especially on the right. LR presidential candidate Bruno Retailleau believes that France should approve it. “Anyone who enters French soil illegally will never be regular”. According to him, it is necessary to force a “clear rule” asylum seekers: “Submit their applications to the French consulates in the countries they pass through to reach France. »

Resignation of Gerard Collomb in 2018

On the far right, some officials fear the precedent will prompt a call for airs from the likes of Emmanuel Macron’s former interior minister, Gérard Collomb. He sees a turning point in immigration policy” and reminds that in 2018 he opposed the establishment of a hotspot In Toulon. The origin of Philippe’s resignation from the government project.

Far from these principled positions, François-Noël Buffett supports the pragmatism of the Minister of the Interior. “Everything the authorities say is heard by smugglers, and sometimes even by some humanitarian organizations that can fall into the hands of these networks. » The senator himself went to the waiting areas in Sicily for his reports. “We must be decisive, but at the same time we have no choice but to welcome the survivors for humanitarian reasons. Those who do not have the right to be recognized as refugees should be sent back. »

Gerald Darmanin will start discussing the immigration bill with political groups from November 21. The atmosphere will not be replaced by electricity, but substantive discussions cannot be limited to lightning. In view of the study of the text, which will be opened at the beginning of 2023, Christine Pirès-Beaune desires a general reflection of all the combinations of Nupes. “The situation is not the same as it was twenty years ago, and we have not done enough about it.” admits the MP. Immigration is a sensitive issue for both the majority and the opposition.

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