Music from Zalando commercial “Cherish the moment” 2022

Zalando unveils its new advertising campaign for Christmas. The commercial’s music is the title “Wishes” From The Cranberries.

Zalando Christmas ad “Cherish the moment”

Advertising Zalando “Seize the moment” literally translates “Weave beautiful moments”. He especially emphasizes the emotional side of fashion. A few weeks ago, the brand Zalando honored the streetwear look, this latest campaign focuses on emotions. The ad begins with a close-up of a sequined skirt. Then we see some young women dancing in a nightclub. One of the young women later finds herself at home.

Her mother helps her put on the red jacket and admires the result with a smile on her face. Then we see a frame with a photo. What we see here is the mother of the young. He probably wears the same jacket from years ago. The ad shows two men sitting in the snow at a bus stop. One of the two goes through the cold and seals his leg to keep warm.

His neighbor then gets up and offers him his coat to keep him warm. What we see next is a couple, the old lady having a flower placed in her hair by the person sitting across from her at the table. The commercial continues with a young woman and a young man sitting in a restaurant. The latter takes a flower to put in her hair. *The Zalando ad ends with all these people showing their love for their clothes. They hug and everyone hugs each other.

What is the music of the Zalando commercial “Cherish the moment”?

Zalando has chosen a brand name to accompany its new advertising campaign for Christmas “Wishes” of the group My bird. The song appeared on the band’s 1993 pop rock album “Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we?” ». The track was also used in the film “Mission Impossible” of Brian de Palma where during the incident Tom Cruise he leaves the pub at the end of the film. After its release, this first album will be a real success for the band. This was the beginning of their career and brought them international recognition.

My bird is an alternative rock band from Ireland. It also thrives in the register of Celtic music, folk, jangle pop, as well as Celtic rock. Cranberries was founded in 1989 by three friends. They were brothers Christmas and Mike Hoganof Fergal Lawler and Niall Quinn. Later, it will be replaced by the latter Dolores O’Riordan. By 2003, Zogal will take a break from his career 2009the year they will try to perform together again.

In 2018, Dolores O’Riordan drowns while working on a new album project. Form decides not to continue the adventure without the latter, their vocal lead. This is the end of the band that broke up. However, they will record one last album as a sort of tribute to their late friend. The latter is titled “at the end” will be nominated for Grammy Awards in the category “Best Rock Album”.

Zalando campaign for Christmas “Cherish the moment”

Retail giant Zalando chose to strike a chord with us for this new ad campaign. For Christmas last year Zalando was radiating joy in its ad. This year, the brand brings nostalgia to the forefront and tries to touch our sensibilities. Indeed, we all have pieces in our dressing room that we wouldn’t part with for anything in the world. These are clothes that have a story, trigger a memory and often connect us to the most beautiful moments of our lives.

So this bond of deep attachment is at the beginning of this point. It is also a prelude to the Christmas spirit that is already in the air at the end of the year. The aim is to show that clothes are not just casual fashion pieces, they go hand in hand with real emotions.

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