LIVE – Lens-Clermont: Pass the Sang et Or eight, carried by a Fofana of magnificent evenings!


8/8! Brest, Rennes, Lorient, Troyes, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and now Clermont, Sang et Or have all won their home games this season and with this feat they are more than ever behind Paris Saint-Germain this season!

Lance, leading at the break, turned the game upside down with a well-established Clermontois. An important 2-1 win before the international break.

3 minutes extra time

There will be an extra three minutes in this first act!

Yellow for Andric

The Clermont forward gets a logical yellow card for all his work.

Clermont will have to try something

With just under ten minutes to play, Clermont will have to try something to get the match back.


29 crosses to 9 for Lens!


Race, control of the ball, sequence of left foot right foot, shot from under the feet of the opponent’s goalkeeper… Fofana comes to make Lance happy!

The captain of RC Lance gives his people the upper hand with a great gesture! This spawn! (2-1)

Two changes to the Clermont side

Kyei gives way to Allevina! Rasahani is replaced by Baila Diallo!

Yellow for Abdul Samad

Third and first Lensois side of the match: Samad receives a yellow card.

Login to Openda!

Lensois takes the place of the scorer of the day in the Open: He said!


4-for-14 shots for Lens… just…

LENS AIM! (1-1)

Makes sense and deserves it! Lance returns to Clermont! (1-1)

Sotoca serves, Medina lets it flow and Saeed as the second blade… the center back is still one of the sharpest weapons of the RC Lens cuvĂ©e 2022/2023! This time he hit the mark!

Da Costa holiday!

Lens pushes but struggles to be dangerous. After Da Costa’s strike and Frankowski’s cross, Sang et Or added numbers to the stat counter, but could not get back on the day’s opponents.

Lensois keeps the ball

Slow down the pace for a few minutes in Bollaert, which is no match for Lens.

Lots of tension

22 actors recovered after returning from the dressing room. The referee tries to calm the two teams down, but each contact is controversial and confusing.

Yellow for Clermont

The Clermont captain received a yellow card for protesting in the corridor of the dressing room.

Back to Bollaert! (0-1)

No changes to note at the break, we leave with the same on both sides.


Having won their first seven home games this season, Lensois returns to the dressing room clearly led by Clermontois: 0-1!

Fofana’s holiday!

The Lensois captain is on the verge of leveling the two teams, but his shot misses the mark. Saeed found a perfect teammate from the central defender.

The first yellow of the game!

And the first cracker of the game is collected by Kyei after a late intervention on Fofana. A logical yellow card.


Clermontois leads the way in this section! (0-1)

After Abdul Samad’s corner kick and an own goal, the guests scored in Bollaert. All must be done again for Blood and Gold!


Kyei tries a lob thirty yards out from Samba’s goal and the RC Lens keeper pulls off the rally he needs to save his people! A great parade and very good intelligence from the Clermont striker to attempt such a gesture.

Lenses of opportunity! Still!

RC Lens’ seventh strike of the half comes from Fofana’s right foot. Caufriez scrapes in at the right time, in the right place to stop the danger. The corner gives nothing.

Clermont no longer sees the light of day

At the end of a great run of Lensoise possession, Clermontois touched the ball after Machado’s missed pass. When growing, local residents take skin. The ultra dominance of RC Lens!

SEIDU Rescue!

The Ghanaian defender dives in to make a perfect recovery from Machado on his own line, Gradit’s cross is alone at the far post. This is perfect!


After 20 minutes, Lensois possessed 63% of the ball. They tried their luck five times for the conditions. Only one on the Clermont side.

Frankowski cover!

The recovery of the Polish side responded with the defense of the other side. The next corner does nothing. An opportunity to review this great gesture by an RC Lens resident outside the area.

Clermontois cornered!

The ball cannot be removed properly. Worse, it is impossible for them to touch the skin once they have released the shock. Here they are now cornered in the last thirty meters. It’s complicated.

Clermont in big trouble!

This withdrawn center is certainly one of the weapons of the 2022/2023 Blood and Gold vintage and he almost hit the mark!

But that was without counting Diaw, who folded at just the right moment to prevent his team from conceding the opener. (0-0)

Castle atmosphere

Bollaert calls to the famous “arms” in the stands! What an atmosphere!

The lens is growing!

A very good call from Saeed and a very poor adjustment by the Clermont defense in particular.

Couldn’t follow up after good chest control. Clermontois put the threat and the ball back at the feet of the locals. Still 0-0!

Corner to waste…

Saeed tries to send his helmet shot into the opponent’s net, but his header does not find the target.

Lens puts his foot back on the ball

A few minutes better for locals! They even get a corner after some short passes and a pass from Fofana! Ability to track.

Samba intervenes!

He is phenomenal! The goalkeeper of Lensois saves his people in this corner!

Wieteska jumped higher than anyone in the penalty round before landing a super header. Luckily for the locals, Samba was there.

Observation stage

Start the match calmly. The two teams watch each other and take their time to set up their moves, even if the ball is mostly at the home team’s feet.

Don’t start!

Let’s go to Bollaert! (0-0)

Lensois in yellow started this match on the fifteenth day of Ligue 1. Great atmosphere!


The launch is coming!

The players are on the lawn of the Bollaert-Delelis stadium, accompanied by the head referee of the match, Hakim Ben El Hadj.


Here is the eleven of Clermont!

Diaw – Caufriez, Wieteska, Seidu – Bela, Gastien (cap.), Magnin, Rashani – Khaoui – Kyei, Andric.


Here is RC Lens XI!

Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Frankovski, Fofana, Samad, Machado – Sotoca (cap.), Said, Costa.



Welcome to our website to watch the live commentary of the meeting between RC Lens (2nd, 33 points) and Clermont (10th, 19 points), a match scheduled for the 15th day of Ligue 1. Start at 17:00!

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