Julien Doré or Stromae, behind the creation of the Bordeaux company

For his first visit to the Arena in March 2022, Julien Doré presented a lush, romantic and funny show following his album “Aimée”, where the color pink is king. “I wanted to say hello to the maroons on stage, Maeva, who I work with every day, and Greg from Cutback, who made all the videos,” the singer said at the end of the concert. Greg is Gregory Lecourt, one of the four partners of Cutback, which was founded by the three of them in 2007. Today, he is one of the international references in video creation for the music scene.

With one hour of the show’s two hours, video is the main element. The impressive opening sequence in “Fever”, the kitsch and dog delirium in “Waf”, the overflow of turquoise water in “Porto-Vecchio”, the cameraman following the singer is broadcast on the screen and fills him with eyes. “We met Julien before his arrest through his producer Benjamin Jourdain, we did a lot of shows with him,” Greg said. “We were immediately impressed by his rare vision of the full show, which he wanted to be integrated into videos that were both precise and open, very connected to the public. »

Many shoots

At Cutback’s offices in Bordeaux and Paris, we listen to songs from the set, previous live performances, clips. Several months of discussion with weekly meetings on shared software, digital post-it, song-by-song sketches of the universe. The restless and invested “Paris-Seychelles” singer has an ambition: a symphony orchestra, dinosaurs, rock’n’roll dogs recorded on the Paris Musical Stage. “We shot it all from Paris to Polynesia. It is one of our most contributed shows. Dore’s show at Cutback mobilizes seven full-time people and up to 20 people for complex creations. The video for “Waf” required a lot of resources, we lost the budget, but we got there! »

Grégory Lecourt, Thomas Bellenger and Augustin de Cointet, three of Cutback’s four partners (Romain Pérussel is missing) in the Bordeaux offices of the holding company.


“The first plan you discover, you never get tired of it,” says Greg. “It was my first big concert since March 2020! » First dates, first fixes. “Julien analyzes and changes the reactions of the public live, he is very powerful,” emphasizes Thomas Bellenger, another partner of Cutback. Date 47 of 55 on the tour will take place this Sunday at the Arkéa Arena. “We’ve seen the show a few times, but we’ll be there,” Greg smiles. “Rarely have I seen such a lovely tour crew. The boss does a lot, I think. »

Bruel, Booba… and Stromae

The decline in television has begun. After a series of t-shirts, Thomas Bellenger with video experience, Greg from graphic design and Romain Pérussel for sales, start decorating the programs as TNT opens. Dancing with the Stars, Caesars, Molières: the company installed its first backdrop, a sequence of small LED screens that sync with the lights and which the artists see, at the NRJ Music Awards 2012.

M Pokora is first, followed by Bruel, Hallyday (last tour), Justice, Indochina, Booba and Soprano stadium version, Maître Gims, Damso… and Stromae tour. “We went to meet him in Brussels about a year ago, Greg recalls. After two short versions in Brussels and Paris, the full show began filming in the US ahead of the European tour, which begins in Bordeaux on March 4th.

Cutback also produced video artwork for the Soprano stadium tour in Matmut on June 25, 2022.

Cutback also produced video artwork for the Soprano stadium tour in Matmut on June 25, 2022.

Laurent Theillet

The scenography consists mainly of 10 industrial assembly robots, each carrying a screen, the challenge is to match the images and movements of the machines. The first concerts ended, especially at the Coachella festival. Cutback has a bright future and is hiring motion designers and 3D graphic artists.

Stromae during the Coachella festival in April 2022.

Stromae during the Coachella festival in April 2022.

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