Football: The trace of the father of international players Lucas and Theo, Jean-Francois Hernandez, who has been missing for 18 years, has been found.

The former centre-back, who played for Toulouse from 1989-1994 and is the father of two French internationals, Lucas and Theo, now lives in south-west France after a long exile in Thailand. Journal French Football he was tracked down in a long-term investigation.

Midi Dispatcher Jean-Francois Hernandez, a former TFC center back from 1989-1994, disappeared in the early 2000s. Without giving any explanation.

His two sons, Lucas and Theo, grew up without a father. Both of them became great footballers, French national team. Lucas even won the world championship with the Blues in 2018.

His disappearance has been shrouded in mystery for years. One day in 2001, somewhere on the outskirts of Madrid, (in debt?), the father of Lucas and Theo, then five and three, fumes when bailiffs knock on the door.

The following year, we will see him flipping the pages of the vernacular newspapers in Spain, where he briefly remarried to TV star Sonia Moldes. Love affair does not last long. In 2004, Jean-Francois flew to Thailand. We know that he kept a bar there, and then his trace was permanently erased.

This Saturday, November 12 French Football publishes a long report (forwarded by the website team). The Weekly tracked the player, who has been through Sochaux, Marseille and even Atletico Madrid. Contact was made with former football players and relatives. They told their side of the story.

“He forced me to call me mother in front of my mother, beat me with a spoon, forced me to eat until I vomited.”

They initially confirmed that Jean-Francois Hernandez had traveled through Thailand to set up business with his cousin, but left in 2020 to return to France.

Another cousin of the journalist, Bruno Saliba, also has a statement. The latter couriers Laurence Py, Lucas and Theo’s mother. According to him, it was he who separated Jean-Francois Hernandez from his sons. “She never left her children. It was her ex who cut her off. It’s all because of her and her behavior!”

Jean-François Hernandez in TFC colors.

French Football Jean-Francois also spoke to Hernandez’s daughter, Lauris Hernandez, 30, Lucas and Theo’s half-sister. The latter paints a less-than-stellar portrait of Laurence Py: “We’ve been slandering my father and my name for a long time. He’s a nice man, but a very bad one. I can attest to that. He swindled me. He forced me to say mother in front of my mother, He hit her with a spoon and force-fed her until she vomited.”

Every weekend in Toulouse

She continues: “He took me to McDo’s every day and made me lose six pounds in a month. He cut my hair, dyed it. He even cut up my quilt and threw it in the trash. My dad was very busy. I used to come home late from football and I didn’t say anything.” When I was little, we didn’t talk. And I only wanted to spend time with him and my two brothers. But he is a very toxic person…”

He also met several other relatives French Football They claim that Laurence Py is only on the side of Jean-Francois Hernandez out of patriotism.

Finally, there is Sonia Moldes, Spanish TV star and ex-girlfriend of Jean-Francois Hernandez. French Football that the former Violet now lives in France. In the southwest, near Bordeaux. According to the newspaper, after a long period of depression, he has been traveling the streets of France working as a salesman for two years.

Every weekend he drives to Toulouse to visit his 87-year-old mother and spend time with his grandson Lauris’s child. Jean-Francois Hernandez is described by the latter as an “extraordinary grandfather”.

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