Car: Julien Marty, first in Rignac rally!

Lotois Julien Marty (DS3), winner of two of the three specials on the menu for the 3rd edition of the Rignac Rally this Saturday, has entered his name on the event list for the first time.

In the first special, where the drivers were wise not to do anything uncorrectable while the humidity of the night was still present, the Citroën DS 3 R5 of Julien Marty led the event, only to miss out on the final podium; and this despite constant pressure from Ruthénois Vincent Leduc (Alpine A110), who clung to his handlebars to eventually take second place, less than five seconds behind the winner.

A costly failed first start

A difference that speaks volumes. Anyway, in this first long passage of probably 13 terminals, Lotois secured victory by taking just over four seconds from Ruthénois, who had stalled at the start!

A poor start certainly cost him the top step of the podium as he stayed in touch with the leader in the following stages, only allowing a massive second in 2nd and scoring a scratch in the last despite the road deteriorating. relatively, it smashed the time achieved by the leader in the previous time.

Behind this duo of untouchables, Toulouse’s Ayrton Lechartier (Fabia R5) and Lotois Mickaël Lobry (Lancer Evo X) were fighting for the third place on the podium. One place Toulouse looked safe, however, was without relying on the enthusiasm of Mickaël Lobry, who overtook him at the final corner. As for Bozulais Jean-Michel Da Cunha, he couldn’t do better than fifth due to some mechanical problems in his Ford Escort Cosworth.

Taking advantage of today’s almost spring-like day to take to the track, many spectators were delighted that the tension for the podium was intense. But apart from the final victory, there was also a great battle in the different groups and Stéphane Vialettes, Citroën DS 3, won FRC4 ahead of Matthieu Lheritier’s La Clio. On the FRC5 side, it was Jordan Issalys ahead of Rémi Jouines in his Clio.

End of season in Aveyron

In the end, the third edition of the Pays rignacois rally ended the Aveyron rally season in style; This pleased Nicolas Theron, president of ARVM, the organizing team. Everything went well, no highlights, a big no-decision fight to the end, lots of spectators and great weather. What could be better ? “, he said. But after the catwalk and awards ceremony was over, the day was short lived after a great meal, which brought together more than 700 guests in the Espace Jarlan room, where ARVM’s legendary celebration took place on a high note.


Julien Marty, Citroën DS3 R5, winner

“If I had already come to the national rally in 2021 (he left it at the end of the 3rd special), it was my first participation in the regional rally and I enjoyed this first victory because there was a great battle with Vincent Leduc. “This rally formula that brings everything together in two days is very interesting and the special stage offered to us is great. Once again, the organization of ARVM can only be praised.”

Vincent Leduc, Alpine A110, dolphin

“Unfortunately, I stopped at the beginning of the first special because you can’t make up lost time, especially in rallies where the mileage of the specials does not exceed the 40 limit. But I had a lot of fun and I didn’t. I didn’t give up behind the wheel of a car that was really great to drive.”

Jean-Michel Da Cunha, Ford Escort Cosworth, fifth

“We are in our place because there was a really nice field and we encountered some mechanical problems (oil hose). But I’m not complaining, as always, I had a lot of fun. Now the season is over, but I’m not. I don’t know if I’ll do the snow rally in December or January I’d like to try it. There are a few in the Alps, so we’ll see.”

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