Why are SATV basketball players from Thiers (Puy-de-Dome) in bad shape in Region 3?

The new season is not going well for the 1st team of the SAT Vaillante basketball club, who do not know how to come back to avoid relegation in 2023. Last season, the same group finds itself second in the final Regional 3 (RM3) ranking. After five matches (one win and four losses) in the championship of the same category this year, in the annoying penultimate place.

Same category? It doesn’t have to be looked at closely because if Pierre Pitelet’s men always thrive in RM3, one important detail has changed this season. The new Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Aura) basketball league, which was reorganized three years ago, is now organized as a “geographical pool” in the larger region, not just in Auvergne.

Very strong competitors

As a result, if Thiernois used to perform well against Auvergne clubs, this year they are up against Loire teams of a completely different caliber (Roanne, Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert or Neulise). “We’re actually two divisions with these teams,” says Pierre Pitelet, coach and now sole president of the SAT, after former co-president Jean-Paul Dequaire decided to “step back”.

The Thiers 13 km race in Thiers (Puy-de-Dome) shows its high ambitions.

Evidence on the ground. Having outplayed opponents who were out of reach in the game, Thiers’ team chained disappointment after disappointment. On Saturday, October 15, the Yellow-Blues, for example, recorded a hard-fought defeat at the center of Roanne Basket (BCV) (123-54). “A young and dynamic Roannaise team, but they had a former international player in their ranks with whom we couldn’t do anything,” Thiers almost smiled at his coach.

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Reduce gaps

For SATs, the imbalance tilts dangerously towards relegation at the end of the season, but nothing is decided yet and the 2nd round of the championship will be decisive. The bottom four teams of the pool will face the other teams from the other pools for maintenance during the second championship on their own (stage 2). How to change cards? “Here we will again face teams from Lyon, Isère or Loire,” warns Pierre Pitelet, who still wants to believe.

Looking forward to this second round, it’s all about getting your head up a bit and showing good form in the return matches of round 1. “It is very difficult to stay motivated, but we are trying. Against Coteau (Loire) on Sunday 23rd October we lost a decent game at home by just 19 points. We will try to reduce the gaps. »

Double trouble with Team 2

In turn, the future of the 2nd team, which shows good results in the following category (3rd place in the pre-regional ranking and only one loss for three wins), is tied to the future of the 1st team. In the event of relegation, the latter will suffer the same fate even if they finish top of the “2” classification. “Two teams from the same club cannot be in the same division,” explains the coach, who will do everything to preserve the status quo.

Yann Terrat

New geographic chicken. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Aura) basketball league has reorganized the championships and especially the Men’s Regional 3 (RM3) championships, where the 1st team of SAT basketball plays this season. The 72 RM3 teams are grouped into twelve six-team pools based on geographical criteria and three sectors: Conference North, East and West. Thiers is like the other Puy-de-Dome teams in the third sector, but despite this, the US is the only team to face the other teams of the Loire with Chauriat Vertaizon. “This year, there are fewer teams than Puy-de-Dôme registered in RM3, and we had to mix several divisions of the Western Conference in the same pool,” said Joël Scomparin, president of the Aura Basketball League. Thiers is ready to have a constructive discussion with his leaders.

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