“We haven’t seen such a prospect after Doncic”

Victor Wembanyama, who entered a new dimension after his trip to Las Vegas a month ago, is confirming his status as a generational prospect in the French Championship, where he has continued his madness match after match under the colors of Levallois. Something that will further impress certain Draft experts across the Atlantic who draw a correlation between Viktor’s current production and that of a certain Luka Doncic while he was at Real Madrid…

21.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 2.9 blocks, 24.9 rating, all in almost 31 minutes a night. Since the start of the Betclic Elite season, Victor Wembanyama has panicked the counters to propel the Metropolitans to a record high of 92 (6 wins – 1 loss, second in the standings), especially with a terrible performance against Limoges. a little less than a week. It was clearly enough that the hype continued to grow at a high rate, as evidenced by the latest Jonathan Givony, an expert on the project ESPN.

“The 3-point line is closer, there’s less space, the referees allow a lot of contact, so Victor has to play a different style than in Las Vegas, where he played more like Kevin Durant. In France, he has more of a Joel Embiid role. He plays from the post, punishes the opponent with his back to the basket, passes very well, gets to the free throw line… Plays like a superstar. He is an MVP candidate, second in scoring, third in rebounding, first in blocks, top 5 in usage rate.

He’s producing at a level we haven’t seen in Spain since Luka Doncic. »

See Victor Wembanyama in the same sentence as some of the biggest names in world basketball, we’re used to it. Given the huge potential of the phenom who is about to make his debut in the French team (PS: meeting in Lithuania on Friday evening at 18:30) it is often legitimate. But knowing all that Luka Doncic has accomplished at Real Madrid at just 20 years old, aren’t we reaching a certain limit here in terms of comparison?

Recall that before Doncic came to the NBA:

  • Euroleague Champion and MVP (2018)
  • Spanish League MVP (2018)
  • European Player of the Year (2019)
  • European champion with Slovenia and in the top five of the tournament (2017)

Without wanting to question Wemby’s exceptional level at the moment or disrespect the BetClic Elite, Luca has dominated one of the Old Continent’s best championships while taking his team to the roof of Europe. At just 18 years old, he was the leader of the best European team with players known on the international scene (Facu Campazzo, Rudy Fernandez, Felipe Reyes, Sergio Llull…). Suffice it to say, we’re not really in the same worldand therefore numerical comparisons (16 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists average in the last Euroleague season for Luka) are not really necessary.

Victor Vembanyama is today considered above all an all-time prospect due to his unique profile and seemingly limitless potential. We’ve never seen a 2m24 guy with a 2m43 wingspan with so much mobility. Victor is a representation of this player that we created in NBA 2K to dominate everyone and in every possible way. Of course, he impresses with his talent and maturity, but that’s it especially since it might ruin the game in the future, everyone will rip it off in a year. On the contrary, Luka Doncic was perceived in 2018 as a gifted basketball player, a genius on the orange ball, a player who can do anything with swelling in his hands and is already ready for the highest level. If some Hexperts doubted his ability to adapt to the speed of the NBA game, the Slovenian phenom proved on the biggest European stage that he has absolutely what it takes to technically dominate the US Major League.

Therefore, Luke and Wemby are not really the same files in terms of profiles, projections, and pre-NBA production. And that will probably be seen after Wembanyama plays for the big boys. While Doncic had a 21-point-8-rebound-6-assist rookie season before becoming an All-NBA First Team-caliber player in 2020, Viktor may need to give him some time before he becomes the monster he is with the potential to destroy the competition. NBA.


Source quote: ESPN

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