Strasbourg scratch specialist DJ Topic has just become the world champion

Originally from Strasbourg, DJ Topic became the world champion on October 29, 2022 during the international competition “DMC Battle For World Supremacy”. This competition brings together the greatest disc jockeys on the planet dueling.

Alsace can be proud of its musicians. DJ Topic from Strasbourg was awarded the title of world champion on Saturday, October 29, during the world’s biggest competition for disc jockeys. “DMC World DJ Championship” consists of eight categories, including “the best fight in the world“Which Strasbourg player won.

This competition is organized by Disco Mix Club, the biggest DJ music label in the world. It is normally held in London, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it had to be held online for the third consecutive year. The French DJ therefore gathered all his musician friends and family at his home to watch the event, which was streamed live on Facebook. After two hours of music performance, the musician learns that he is the world champion in front of his screen: “I was waiting for this title so much that I fell to the ground and shed a few tears of joy.”smiled”It took me more than five days to realize that I was the world champion“.

It must be said that the championship was not easy. Established in the Neudorf district of Strasbourg for several years, DJ has been working since August 2022 to be able to earn valuable sesame. To be selected, he submitted his first video practicing his specialty: scribble (or scribble). The process of manually changing the playback speed of a vinyl record under the head of a turntable originated in the middle of hip-hop in the 1970s.

After being selected from the top eight “scratches“, DJ Topic sends two one-minute-thirty-second videos to compete in duels. A few weeks later, he receives a message saying that he has qualified for the quarter-finals. The Alsatian then sends the other two videos to him. Try his luck in the semi-finals. He is selected next time. and in the final he faced the Brazilian double world champion, DJ Eric Jay.

He keeps his desire to go all the way from the title of vice world champion in 2012: “Second place is useless. So I wanted my revenge because I hate losing“DJ says,”It’s not about participating, it’s about winning“.

With several French championships in his pocket, DJ Topic wanted to bring the international trophy back to France this year. Alsatian DJ Nelson won the title of world champion in 2011. “In 15 years, Strasbourg has become a city with many opportunities for DJs. We are growing more and more and here is everything you need“, says the 2022 world champion.

Every day from 8 am to 6 pm I was at my turntable preparing my scratch to the nearest millimeter.

DJ Topic, 2022 DJ Battle For World Supremacy World Champion

For the competition, DJ Topic has been training tirelessly for several months: “Every day from 8 am to 6 pm I was at my turntable preparing my scratch to the nearest millimeter.“. The artist made it up.”mix“with different genres of music.”I play hip-hop, reggae and funk. My priority was to be liked by everyone“, he explains.

As a teenager, the Strasbourg DJ only liked to play video games: “I was glued to the screens, never picked up“. Then his neighbor suggested that he come and look at their rotisseries and try his hand at the “scratch”. The young man fell in love with the music genre and bought his first rotisseries a few weeks later.

In 2003, DJ Topic won his first national award. “It’s only been a few years since my debut, and it’s motivated me to keep going“, he admits. In addition to cooking, he devotes his free time to his passion and climbs the ladder in the industry by participating in various competitions.

At the age of 30, he got married and became an intermittent performer: “It’s a job I like because I’m still doing music. I work at Z√©nith de Strasbourg and also at Eurock√©ennes de Belfort“. An ideal position that allows him to combine work and his passion as a DJ.

Despite the years of Covid-19 that prevented him from fulfilling his passion in the clubs of Strasbourg, DJ Topic is determined to win other national and international titles. After his victory last October, he will compete in another category on November 18.DMC World DJ Championship“His goal: to win the title of second world champion.

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