Richard Gotainer: the music of words

Richard Gotainer is more than a funny singer. became known in the 1980s with hits such as Decalco Mambo
, Yippee
, Sampa
Where Hair on the board
. Fun, it’s also so much more than that. Actor, advertiser, singer, man is also an author who grinds words to extract nectar that is sometimes a little spicy.

There can be no useless words in a song. Everything should be precious. -Richard Gotainer

Richard Gotainer is numeroushis work reflects his influences: rich subtle humor Gottlieb or rock JJ Cale take part in this hilarious bazaar of falsely naive poetry, rowdy characters and heartfelt sincerity.

To stage this strange theater, Richard Gotainer has only one weapon: words!

words to see

A huge fan of comics (he even dedicated album Long live Galya To the characters of Asterix
), Richard Gotainer creates images, but he does it with words. A very practical talent when it comes to coming up with unstoppable advertising slogans that have been anchored in people’s minds for nearly 40 years.

In advertising, as in music, the Gotainer method remains the same. It is not surprising to find common melodies between his two worlds. Advertising MV
and song Buh
share the same notes for Infinitive
and Primitive
. As for celebrities the beauty of the fields
it becomes a title on its own on the album bonobo speciesReleased in 2007.

Richard Gotainer creates images in his songs with his discoveries. “Literature was born from this. It is not literature if it does not go through such findings“artist comments before adding”Not because I’m applying to study literature, but anyway I’m applying to speak French.

And these findings are many. In the title bonobo specieswe touch each other’s mouth“. In advertising campaign for couscous
product”like a dinner party with friends“. In Suit and tie
, the character lives in his suit as if he lived in an apartment. In Yellowish image
we used to go for a walk in the forest in rubber boots“.

words to hear

Richard Gotainer composes his songs with words. The man doesn’t know how to play music, but he knows how to surround himself. His historical friends include the sound engineer Celmar Engel, the musician Etienne Perruçon or composer Claude EngelMickael Lapie achieved success for the album in 2007 Bonobo species.

Regardless of the era, composers or scenes, whether intended for commercials or his discography, a Gotainer song always sounds like Gotainer.

To compose his texts, the artist uses a long-form writing method: “I can take 24 hours to write a text, when I come back to it, I realize that there are repetitions, bad words… I will spend maybe two or three weeks to rewrite.

Writing is just rewriting. – Richard Gotainer

Laughing words

Gotainer therefore sings the words, all the words. He doesn’t shy away from playing with irreverence, sometimes bordering on the vulgar with subtlety and elegance.

I like big words, but I avoid big words. -Richard Gotainer

songs like hard rock captain
Where Hallelujah
praise curses and insults, words that the artist intends to rehabilitate with his name saperlipopettetaken from his latest album.

as his friend Marcel Gottlieb before that, Richard Gotainer amuses himself as he jumps pointlessly with both feet. However, nothing is free. Disrespect should always serve a purpose and should not lose sight of its main interests:

Just because it’s gossip doesn’t mean it’s not poetry! -Richard Gotainer

Light A little pearly
explains the arrival of a well-felt flatulence under the veil of soft medieval orchestrations. Very childish Hair on the board
that’s still a question”to fart” but also boogers, playground games, and Toto stories. That’s it pecker bluesthe title speaks for itself:

I love fat but thinly sliced ​​- Richard Gotainer

Behind the facade of funny songs hides sharp literature. Youki is a great alliteration exercise. Forgotten words like galejade, bagenauder, en goguette or even bamboo fall without warning at the turn of the dam.

Because what Gotainer doesn’t say is that he doesn’t like easy things. In the kitchen, he looks for the right product and a nice gesture. In music, he moves in the same way: he looks for the right word that is best used.

Words to be omitted

From the beginning of the school year, Gotainer brings back his statement. In this new show
, Richard Gotainer takes the stage to sing his songs in a theatrical setting. Hits and lesser-known titles are then stripped of their tunes. Only the author remains before his public. His words take on another dimension.

The songs are never far away, and having guitarist Brice Delage on stage has a lot to do with that. Summons melodies in a few notes, creates imaginary scenery for Richard Gotainer’s songs and their sketches. Every song is a story. Duet ringtones lets you never forget Bring your Gotainer texts to life what they are for: pieces of poetry.

During my almost 40 years of singing, I have done everything so that we can clearly see the red nose on the singer. But I’m glad that now we see something else – Richard Gotainer

The show Gotainer brings back his statement
It will be seen in Paris until the end of 2022. From the beginning of the academic year 2023, Richard Gotainer and his partner Brice Delage will speak during a tour that will cover the whole of France.

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