Recycling a car from A to Z in Avermes (Allier) is the ambition of N7 auto parts.

They hope soon
By expanding over an additional 50,000 m2, “become a regional and even national end-of-life vehicle processing center! “.

To achieve this, the Bernards, managers of N7 Auto Parts, made a radical change at the beginning of 2022, when they settled on 20,000 m2 of former industrial wasteland on the road from Paris to Avermes, instead of 5,000 m2. Yzeure.

Hundreds of shipments per day

Thanks to this “blank page”, “these empty shelves”, the car recycler was able to start what he could never do: he computerized, digitized and “viralized” thousands of engines, headlights, doors, starters. dashboards, handles, window switches, gear levers, radiators, etc. Each piece is photographed, referenced, tracked, arranged in slots worthy of an Internet distribution giant, posted online, packaged (with paper and recycled cardboard) and shipped, especially via ebay. “We send 150-200 units every day. We have received more than 70,000 applications,” Jean-Pierre and Benjamin Bernard note. And every day, there are also meaty people at the counter of Avermes.

Second-hand parts are a (big) part of the iceberg of car recycling, which has taken on a “phenomenal scale”: “Our customers are bodybuilders, mechanics, but also insurance companies and car experts, as well as individuals who prefer the opportunity. Today, we want to avoid production we’re forced to reuse in general. All of that comes into our work. We’re part of that dynamic.”

Allier Business Trophies back in Vichy: register!

Deconstruction chain

With regulations and standards, especially in relation to the environment, there is no more room for “do it yourself”: “We intend to build a deconstruction line of 50 linear meters. decontamination of spare parts through sheet metal or mechanics. We will be better organized.” Without forgetting , an ultra-secure chain dedicated to electric cars in the long term.

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Almost anything (a big disadvantage for electric batteries) can be sent to recovery channels, including raw materials: oils in Sevia, damaged tires in Aliapur, scrap metal in Derichebourg and even damaged bumpers: “We equipped ourselves with a shredder, which allows us. placing small pieces of polypropylene in large bags. It is more profitable than transporting bumpers that are tight and not well maintained. Tons, even five times more affordable.

They hire

So N7 Autos hires pieces: “in checkout, digitalization, sales… We were thirteen years old in 2019 with a turnover of 1.2 million euros. At the end of 2022, we will be thirty and we hope that our turnover will exceed 2 million euros. After a while, we will have about a hundred employees. We will probably need a dedicated call center. »

A sale agreement was signed with the Assa-Abloy group, the owner of the former JPM locksmith factory in Avermes. For solid sales, N7 is counting on Auto Parts. The site has been cleared for industrial use.

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