“Obviously, there are suspicious moments, but there is no crisis”

“We arrive around 2pm (Friday, editor’s note) so we will be able to train there in good conditions. In this meeting with Ardennes, LFB also lacked success to put all their chances on their side. Although the championship lasted only two days, it was already an expensive duel. Julie Barennes knows this.

1 Despite the defeat in front of Mersin, he promised

“In the first half, coming into the match, I think we didn’t show the tension at the end of the game, it wasn’t enough to challenge them. Then we increased the defense level, there was more fighting. Maybe the Turks are relieved, but they take a break after two minutes in the second half, which is not insignificant. I think we’re getting as close to the Villeneuve match in terms of attacking quality as we can get. This is quite positive. »

2 The return and contribution of Jillian Harmon

“In terms of balance, having Jillian back has been good for us both defensively and offensively. I had some doubts about his qualities and he was able to exploit them from the start. We expect that on this registry, so that’s great. He brings us solidity in defense, he is smart, experienced, a player who sees situations, sometimes covers up mistakes… He is a positional player, a 4th position used to this level. It is very precious. »

The contribution of Marine Fauthoux (13 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists against Mersin) will be valuable once again.

Philip Salvat

3 A record of six losses in six games

“We’d have six league defeats, I’d be worried. But we’ve lost the Champions League and three Europa League games. To win the Europa League, you really have to be very, very high in terms of quality of play, euphoria and dynamism, and that’s not the case. After that, we’ve had two league defeats, yes, we have to win. But it’s too early to talk about urgency. The lack of confidence, we definitely have it, because we have players who want to win like this in the Euroleague. Obviously, there are doubtful, difficult moments. But when the crisis is out of control, it happens everywhere. This is not the case.

We have a strong club in terms of leaders, staff and players. We are not in crisis with the players, the leaders are not with us. Insecurity yes, we lose that girls can’t be confident. With Euroleague collection, we pay cash. Would we have been in the European Cup, could we have won three, would we have been in more crisis or less? I do not know. But I feel that my team is working hard. You can see on the pitch that the players are invested, they put on a show, they want it. It is the most important. But obviously, I hope it continues at the accounting level. “

4 Opponent of the evening Carolo Flames

“It’s a great team with experienced players like (Nikolina) Milic and (Brianna) Fraser, (Ingrid) Tanqueray, who have two scorers inside. It’s a solid team that won 120-46 in the European Cup (against Brno in the European Cup, editor’s note), so he’ll come in confident. It’s up to us to do the work. It doesn’t mean we’re going to win, but it’s a team we have, like all the teams in the Women’s League. »

“We would have had six league defeats, I would have been worried. But we lost the Champions League and three Euroleague matches.

5 The rebound, the black point of the beginning of the season

“This is an area that needs to be fixed. It has to do with the presence of inside players, whatever we say, there are players who are physically capable of playing. From the beginning we only have Regan (Magarity) at 100% power. we added Jillian (Harmon) there. And Evelyn (Akhator), it’s hard, we know that. Then it’s different when Jonquel Jones (19 rebounds, including 8 attacks and 24 points against Mersin on Wednesday, editor’s note) plays (laughs). Although we suffer in rebounding, there are few people who do not suffer in rebounding against him. If we can handle Charleville the way we handled Villeneuve in rebounding (32 vs. 40), that will be great. This is the whole complexity of basketball. If we are looking for position 5? You have to ask the president. »

6 The long absence of Céline Dumerc

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