Limoges Handball was happy in the match against Ivri

This is a match where there was no small or big victory. Success, in whatever form it took, stood above the rest and did not reach the blink of an eye. This Thursday, against Ivri, LH won 36-29 and combined everything once: two points and the satisfaction of a successful content.

“The main thing is the victory and we did well,” congratulated Alberto Entrerrios heartily. We were under pressure at the start of the match but recovered well afterwards. I liked what we produced a lot, especially in attack, although we missed a lot of shots. We can do better, but it was not an easy match and we did what we had to do.”

Limoges, who managed his business on the road, was pleased. And given the game he’s developed, he sure is making himself happy.
Alberto Entrerrios wanted his players to take control of the match from the first minute to the last, and yet we can tell he didn’t quite listen. Because Limoges took eleven minutes to enter their match. 11 sluggish minutes both offensively and defensively, after which Ivri made the dance dizzy with a four-goal lead (8-4, 11).

LH wasn’t there and Alberto Entrerrios got a nice timeout to get him going. And it was better there. The entry of Denis Serdarević, the author of three consecutive parades, also boosted all the Limousines, who won 5-0 in six minutes (9-8, 17th).

A well polished game

With Matej Hrstic crowding the central sector, Limoges defended more strongly and pushed their balls from the back. Always with Serdarević’s stops (7 of 14 at halftime), the recipe was quality. LH in particular was able to come back from a double-digit deficit (13-10, 22; 15-11, 25) without much difficulty and come back with a three-point lead (17-14) at halftime.

Showing the same seriousness as they did during those twenty minutes, Gajic and his partners gave the second round just as much importance. And often, spoiling nothing with a well-polished game, especially Jure Dolenec all the right moves under the push, be it creation or finishing.

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After flashes from Yoav Lumbroso and Serdarević going there with an own goal in addition to his saves in his own cage, Limoges fully asserted control of the match. With an irreparably inflated score (25-21, 45; 29-23, 49; 35-27, 57). 36-29 all the way to a nice and shiny win.

LIMOGES (Gym Beaublanc): LIMOGES HANDBALL beat IVRY 36-29 (17-14). Judges: Madam. Bounoura and Pichon. About 3,800 spectators. Limoges.Guillaume 5/5, Kervadec, Kusan 3/4, Dolenec 6/10, Iglesias 3/6, Gajic 4/5 (3/3 pen.), Nieto, Fernandez 5/7, Kolle 0/3, Hrstic 1/2 , El Deraa 2/2 (1/1 pen), Lumbroso 6/6, Daoud 0/1, Serdarevic 1/2. Goalkeepers: Genty 0 8 saves; Serdarević saved 34 shots 13 times. Ivry.Bozovic 0/1, Vorkapic 4/7, Longerinas, Martinez 0/3, Petit 2/3, Mohamed 8/13 (4/5 pen.), Zaepfel 0/1, Jorgensen, Dourte 2/2, Ooms 3/4 , Joseph 1/1, Chatti 4/6, Cochery 5/8. Goalkeepers: Bernard 0, 2 shots, Sunjic 12, 44 saves.
Disqualification: Ooms (3×2′) (45th).

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