In pictures, in pictures. Three artists not to be missed at the Resonance exhibition in Strasbourg

From November 11 to 14, the 10th European craft exhibition “Resonances” will be held at the Strasbourg exhibition center. Among the 180 exhibitors, we present three designers to definitely discover.

Both a driving force and a showcase for craftsmanship, the Resonances exhibition celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. About 180 participants from Grand Est and Europe were selected they reveal their know-how by a jury of experts. The event is carried out by Frémaa (Federation of Alsatian Crafts) takes place November 11-14 at the Strasbourg exhibition center.

For this anniversary edition, the program includes the exceptional presence of Maison Mugler and, in particular, the incredible collection of works by glassmaker Antoine Leperlier, no less. Surprisingly, discovering the work of the three designers at the exhibition, through some of the works on display here.

This textile jewelry designer, known for her brand Mademoiselle d’Ange, was chosen at the exhibition for her organ sculptures. Its raw materials, textiles, have always been transformed, from jewelry to sculpture. The story begins three years ago when his father underwent heart surgery. “To understand this operation, I asked him to draw a picture of the patient’s organ. I put it in volume to absorb it, transcend it and make something aesthetic“His first heart is exhibited ex-voto at the Ungersheim Ecomuseum, just before covid.

Then come the other organs: first of all, the lungs. “I had to match anatomical charts of the lung to know what happened with this virus during covid.“. To be able to represent the bronchi, the designer uses porcelain “for the very cold contrast of this material with the textile warmth”.

After the lungs, the designer moved on to the third organ, the uterus, within three months. “It’s also a very personal story and it’s about a very close member of my family. Likewise, I had to go through creation when referring to anatomical plates to understand how the fallopian tubes work.“.

The next sculpture will probably be a representation of the brain. “The anatomical scheme of this organ, like others, is not particularly beautiful. What interests me is to aestheticize the object of my study, to move it to transcend it“.

Organs are presented under a dome, on the side for an interesting cabinet, and others are presented under glass that can be hung on the walls. He hosts in his workshop in Strasbourg, rue de la Meinau.

The Montpellier designer was selected for his small porcelain characters. “I sketch in volume, you could say I do cartoonist porcelain“. The characters are depicted in humorous, elegant or poetic situations. Bathers by the sea or pétanque players, in somewhat vintage looks. “I also draw a lot of inspiration from comic books and 50s director Tati..

Audrey Bignon started creating her little characters while experimenting to decorate a property. It hasn’t stopped since then. “I don’t know why it turned out like that. In any case, it is sincere, it comes naturally to me.“.

Inspiration comes from family situations, family camp, summer. “People tell me it makes them feel good. It’s a little smile moment like my characters“.

Audrey Bignon runs the workshop/boutique Potiche & Cie in the heart of Montpellier in the St Roch area. You can find it there Tuesday through Saturday.

A dream in light could be the motto of these two creators, known under the label LanguOchat. Their work is based on the illuminator, or more precisely, the light used as a revealing element. “We use hand woven and woven copper wire. The thread of light is there to sublimate, to give volume to the object“.

It’s a four-handed job, Véronique Carlottini likes to point out. “When one has an idea, the other agrees. First there is the idea, then there is the technique“The two designers have been working together for 34 years. They met at Beaux-Arts.”We were 17 years old, the idea of ​​light came slowly, then developed with work and prototypes.“.

Pure creations, unique pieces, they never do the same thing twice. Like these locker room lights in the shape of underwear. “These are bedside lamps. On the lady’s side: a bra. On the men’s side: underwear“, Veronique Carlotti laughs.

People really like it” assures the designer. It’s enough to motivate you to continue as a duo for many more years.

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