Europe risks being overtaken by China’s electric cars: why it’s problematic

According to a recent study, more than 800,000 Chinese cars will be exported to the Old Continent by 2025. An absolutely absurd number that proves the certain failure of the European strategy.

BYD stand at the 2022 Paris Motor Show // Source: Marie Lizak for Frandroid

A few years ago, Chinese brands were almost non-existent in Europe. As we saw during the Paris World Cup last October, things have changed a lot today as they invade the Old Continent en masse. In addition to manufacturers such as MG, Nio, Xpeng or Ora, many European firms have also decided to produce their cars in the Middle Kingdom. But it is not without results.

A real invasion

According to a report by Jato Dynamics, 20% of electric cars sold in Europe in August, or about one in five, were made in China, while only 18% of these cars were made by a Chinese brand. But this is only the beginning. Indeed, a study by the analyst firm PwC is even more alarming.

He points to it The old continent can move from the exporter to the importer stage from 2025. A worrisome change that will be at the expense of jobs, as production will be largely in China. as explained Car News Europethe continent exported about 1.7 million cars in 2015.

In 2025 at that time at least 800,000 cars would be produced in China and imported to Europe330,000 including European brands like Dacia, Volvo or even DS and Mini. In total, 221,000 cars will be imported surplus in this area.

Disturbing crazy figure. In October, the NGO Transport and Environment published a report warning of the risks of China’s encroachment on the car market. the continent’s climate and jobs are at risk“. Indeed, this attack could further destroy many jobs and damage Europe’s competitiveness.

But that’s not all, because China’s production is also more polluting than ours due to the large number of coal-fired power plants.

What solutions?

as mentioned Car magazine, several factors explain this situation. Indeed, many European manufacturers have decided to move their production to China, especially for cost reasons. results, In 2021, less than 10 million cars were produced in Europe14.9 million in 2017.

But it doesn’t end there: in order to produce cars in the Middle Kingdom, brands from other continents must also establish a joint venture with a local manufacturer. The maneuver, which involves the sharing of all technical information and innovations, has allowed Asian brands to develop and offer more advanced cars than even a few years ago. So the latter now have all the cards to attract European customers.

Nio ET7 // Source: Nio

So what can be done to reverse the trend? Several solutions are available for Europe. For example, he could assistance is given only to European companies for the construction of factories in the territory. Indeed, in the coming years, most of the battery production facilities established here will belong to Chinese companies.

We are also waiting Implementation of the battery passport noted by Brussels, which would allow better control of CO2 emissions during the production of batteries for electric cars. Transport and Environment also recommended the creation of social leasing to facilitate access to electric cars for as many people as possible. The government is working on its implementation, which will especially favor European brands.

Finally, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, also mentioned the idea of ​​allocating the environmental bonus to the accumulated models in Europe. This would then deprive Tesla (except some Berlin-made Model Ys and Model S and X models from the US) of bonuses, as well as the MG 4 and other Dacia Spring cars. others.

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