Clara Matéo ahead of France-Norway: “A year full of emotions”

“How was it to go back to the selection after missing the previous meeting?
Frankly, I am very happy, one day of the championship I had a shock at the level of the head, I have a fracture at the level of the cheekbone. I had to play in disguise for a while. Things are better there. He recovered well. I am very happy to be back for this last meeting of 2022.

“This euro has the taste of unfinished business. But it was a discovery. We were able to gain experience”

2022 has been quite an exceptional year for you. What was the most memorable memory?
It has been a year rich in emotions and full of discoveries. I was able to gain experience during the Euros. It’s still a great experience. We are disappointed with the result of the match with Germany, we would like to know another end of the match. This euro has the taste of unfinished business. But anyway, it was a discovery. We were able to gain experience. I hope we will use our mistakes and move forward.

Your versatile profile is a plus for the French team. What did not playing in the same position for club and selection gain you in your progression?
It’s good to take everything. We progress every day in training and then every weekend in matches. The fact that the club is developing in a different position, which brings me daily. I try to transfer what I learned at the club to the French team and vice versa. The fact of evolution in different positions allows me to complete my palette and develop different qualities and achieve collective progress.

Were you surprised that you performed so well when switching positions?
I tried not to ask myself too many questions. I tried to live in the present moment, to be in the game in the moment. T. This is a strength that we must continue to develop with the aim of making the pass as far as we can. As long as we can dribble, we try to dribble. Be there to be available between the lines and try to break the opposing lines when you have the ball. These are individual aspects, but they are always there to make the collective shine.

“No matter what position I play, I will do my best”

In which position do you feel more comfortable?
There really isn’t. It really depends on what is required, the opposition, the system being built. I can thrive in different positions, but I think there are a few of us in this business. What’s needed is to succeed in complementing each other between each of the players, because depending on the players I’m connected with, it will play on that as well. No matter what position I play, I will do my best.

If they told you that you will apply for the world championship last year, would you have believed it?
This was a longer-term goal. I had a slightly closer target, which was really the Euro. You have to be able to perform well in the club. You have to work every day at a club, be efficient, so that you can keep my place in the French team. I am aware of all this that we must continue to work.

You are doing very well with Paris FC, you are in third place not far behind PSG and Lyon. Can you aim for second place this season to do better than last year?
We realized that we have everything to fight for the first three places in the Championship. We were a bit of a surprise team last year. This year we see that we are in a somewhat expected team. We have changed the status. The teams that draw with us will be happy. It is more difficult to fulfill it. The championship becomes more homogeneous. We know it gets tight. We are all competitors, we want to be seen higher. The third place is not certain, we will have to fight to keep it. We had addicts at the start of the season. The important thing is to succeed in collecting points against the teams that are currently behind us in the standings. We should also try to hold on to the two clubs in front of us, which we failed to do last season. There is a playing card for everyone. »

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