Blood test, urinalysis… why it will not be possible to perform the medical biology act from Monday

Liberal biologists at war with the government, which wants to cut the budget for routine biology procedures as part of a social security funding bill currently being debated in the Senate, are striking on Monday, November 14.

The closure of medical biology laboratories is part of a standoff with the government over a bill to fund social security.

Only urgent analyzes are guaranteed from November 14 to 16, what are we talking about?

Starting Monday, all local medical biology laboratories will be closed to the public. The movement started by all trade unions and professional players will be pursued, “All laboratories will be closed”, Richard Fabre, representative of biologists at URPS Occitanie, a regional association of health professionals. The strike call also applies to medical biology procedures performed in patients’ homes.

Only emergency measures such as dialysis and chemotherapy examinations will be covered. Laboratories of the health institution “will continue to operate as normal for emergency patients and patients already admitted to hospital”, shows that it is inter-union. And “Each indoor laboratory will display backup facilities in front of it”Richard Fabre says.

A dispute of 250 million euros

“Government plans €250m-a-year plane for daily biological acts”, regrets the biologists who do not want to be blacklisted. In 2020, their turnover, boosted by Covid screening, doubled to 6.2 billion euros. “The government is using the exceptional and temporary situation to violate the agreements reached 9 years ago”plague Richard Fabre.

He insists: “The turnover of three billion euros is not the three billion we put in our pockets”. Evaluates at the national level “bonuses” For the profession with 4,100 businesses and 50,000 jobs in France for 600 million euros. “We agree to ‘return’ 250 million in 2023, but not later, because in the current economic context, audit firms predict that net lab results will be divided by 6 in 2025.”

The regional president of liberal biologists reminds that“In nine years, the budget for biologists has increased by only 3%, while for other health professionals it has increased by 27%.” This envelope is 3.7 billion euros.

Is a way out of the crisis possible?

Tensions have been rising for several weeks. On October 27, the laboratories carried out the first strike, stopping the transmission of the results of Covid screening tests to the national database Sidep.

Today, biologists threaten: “We are companies, we will close the least profitable laboratories, that is, those in disadvantaged rural medical centers.” Today, Occitania has 430 medical biology laboratories.

The social security financing plan will be examined in the Senate until November 12, and after being accepted by 49.3 votes in the first reading in the Milli Majlis, it will be put to a vote on October 27 and November 15.

The envelope allocated to the medical biology act is not the only sensitive point of the text, which provides for a fourth year of general medicine for interns in medical deserts, the senate voted on the text last night.

The interns plan to hold a mobilization day on November 17.

Efforts that are “non-essential” to the government

“With a total operating surplus of 3 billion, they can spend 250 million”Health Minister Francois Brown said last Tuesday at the Association of Social Information Journalists (Ajis).

“We’re not asking for these efforts to save money. We’re asking for them because it’s important to free up budget space for maneuver.”also managed Olivia Grégoire, the minister responsible for SMEs reacted.

The social security deficit, which is 17.8 billion euros this year, should be reduced to 7.2 billion in 2023.

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