Will Europe really ban thermal cars in 2035?

French Transport Minister Clément Beaune has backed the idea of ​​a dam to be put to a European vote in 2026. The idea: to consider the goal of banning the sale of new thermal and hybrid cars within the EU in 2035.

It certainly hasn’t escaped your notice, but the European Union recently put an end to the sale of new thermal and hybrid cars in Europe by 2035. A decision that many consider too radical, because there is only one alternative: an electric car. Or the hydrogen car, but on a more distant and uncertain horizon.

And it’s good Europe intends to find an alternative to an all-electric car by 2035. Even if electricity is the number one energy for our cars in the next decade, many observers think we shouldn’t bury thermal energy too soon.

On the one hand, because the European industry is based on this type of technology today, and on the other hand, the competition, especially China is much more advanced than European manufacturers in this field.

Will it add water to European wine?

A few days after the European Commission officially approved a ban on the sale of thermal cars in 2035, we have recently seen a slight change in the attitude of some leaders, starting with the European commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton. He said he was interviewed by Les Echos last week “Insisted on the adoption of the vision clause for 2026”.

In other words, Europe will meet again in 2026 to find out whether the 2035 ban on thermal cars will be preserved as is. It is a transition to full electricity “Undoubtedly the most powerful industrial transformation the European Union has experienced”Thierry guessed Breton.

Which alternative(s)?

In 2026, it is the turn of French transport minister Clément Bone to support this review clause, especially “waypoint” With the aim of banning the sale of new thermal and hybrid cars in 2035.

“There will be a review clause to see if there are other technologies that can accompany it” electrical technology, assured Clément Beaune, guest of the RTL-Le Figaro-LCI Grand Jury a few days ago.

“Let’s not kill our European industry either, because there are continents that are a little slower than us”he added. “We are not going to stop exporting hybrid or thermal cars abroad in 2035, otherwise it will be the Chinese who conquer all emerging markets”said the minister.

“This transformation is difficult, massive, ambitious, but it must be done”Clément Beaune insisted because he approved the 2035 target after all “This is how we mobilize producers”.

However, it should be remembered that the text voted by the European Commission is likely to give the green light in the future for alternative technologies such as synthetic fuels or rechargeable hybrid engines, if they allow achieving the goal of completely eliminating greenhouse gases. emissions from cars. For example, a plug-in hybrid engine that runs on synthetic fuel.

But be careful, because this review clause could allow Europe to tighten the rules on thermal cars even more, and why, for example, their end could not be accelerated earlier than 2035. See you in 2026.

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