When three artistic universes come together, it gives “L’Art’Rencontre” in Herrebouc.

On Saturday at the Domaine de Herrebouc, three artists from very different fields, but with the same sensibility and delicacy, painter Carole Joubin, Luce Plaut, ceramist, Silvain Trabut and his plant life.

Luce works with earth, fire and tangled vegetation. Her work resonates with Carole’s paintings that highlight abandoned old objects.

In this still-preserved corner of nature, Sylvain, who both draw inspiration from, also finds treasures to create his own wonderful little plant creatures.

So how did the trio meet?

Carole Joubin tells us:

“Luce and I worked together as visual art animators in an association. We have become true friends.

Unlike me, who had always been a painter, Luce had not yet crossed the threshold of personal creativity. I blacked it out to begin with!

Last year I exhibited at Herrebouc right after Sylvain’s Halloween exhibition.

Our paths crossed and Sylvain, a sharing artist, offered me a joint exhibition.

For the little story, before I even met her, I had already incorporated her little witch into a painting!

I immediately accepted and took Luce on board, it was the perfect opportunity for her to get started! »

Creation of a creature by Luce and Carole, Sylvain

“Like Sylvain, I walk in nature and pick up stumps at the edge of plowed fields with the idea of ​​putting together these old abandoned stumps and pebbles, ceramic eggs.

When I saw Sylvain’s Halloween themed exhibit, it challenged me compared to anything else I could take, and when we met through Carole, this whole personal journey made sense of our collaboration! Luce tells us.

How did they work to prepare this exhibition?

“We did not work on a common theme. We met several times, discussed and then each of us worked on our side, but we thought of the other two! Luce explains.

This is how he integrated Carole Luce’s ceramics into his watercolors…

and Sylva’s creatures…

…the ceramics of luce welcome Sylvain’s creatures as a kind of matrix…

…a dialogue full of sensitivity and tenderness.

As Luce tells us, the realization was instinctive and spontaneous.

And the result is beautiful!

The exhibition runs until at least the end of the year and is on view at the Domaine de Herrebouc in Saint-Jean Poutge from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

A surprise was prepared for visitors before the opening! To complete the trio came a fourth artist, this Remy Vincent and his melodic percussion accompanied the small show proposed around Sylvain Trabut’s creatures in the courtyard of the castle.

A moment of pure poetry…we’ll talk about that in the next post!

The exhibition can be seen at the Domaine de Herrebouc in Saint-Jean Poutge from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 at least until the end of the year.

Château de Herrebouc, 419 chemin de Herrebouc, 32190 Saint-Jean-Poutge

05 62 64 68 34 [email protected]

A few words about the artists:

Carole Joubin is an artist

Carole draws her inspiration from an environment where nature and traces of the past combine. The themes of his watercolor paintings express nostalgia and the sweetness of life. He paints objects made in the past where know-how is essential. Faded flowers coexist with old stones and rusted metals.

His aim is to emphasize the artificiality of the existing world by representing old objects that remain present, beautiful and moving, even damaged by time and abandonment. His figurative and realistic still lifes, though etched with melancholy, remain very colorful and vivid, a burst of hope in a region still protected from modern madness.

06 07 53 24 17 – [email protected] – armagnaquarelle.odexpo.com

Luce Plaud is a master of plastic ceramics.

He is also a ceramics animator in the association incandescencefounded twelve years ago in Pessan.

incandescence It works in the form of regular workshops, experiments and event interventions led by Luce.

He recently presented a series of “Les Cloches” modeled and painted in clay by groups of adults and children who participated in the association’s ceramic workshops during Label Rando. incandescence.

Luce: 06 08 83 53 52 [email protected]

Sylvain Trabut and his creatures of nature

Sylvain Trabut is an artist from Gers.

He creates a magical and dreamlike world around the characters in the forest, which he makes from plants collected in nature.

At home, in nature, he intends to put a soul into each of his works before releasing them to be photographed.

For his second exhibition at the Château de Herrebouc, he wanted to meet other artists, and Carole and Luce led the way.

Sylvain Trabut: 06 38 48 20 46 e-mail: [email protected]

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