The murder of Justine Vayrac: an incredible story

The incident took place on Monday, October 24, in the courtyard of the Briveda police station. Justine Vayrac has not shown any signs of life for more than 24 hours. His friends who spent the night from Saturday to Sunday with him are interrogated by the city security police in turn as witnesses. It’s time for the first checks. Investigators are trying to trace the chronology of events. There are Marie, Theo, Vincent and Lucas L., last seen with a 20-year-old young woman.

“We must tell the truth”

Missing mother Marina, who already warned on social networks, meets a 21-year-old young man. The latter is already confused in his statements. He knows that. “We have to tell the truth,” he said. Lucas L. hangs his head. The terrible truth, for the moment only he knows.Brive police station. Photo by Stephanie Para.

This Monday, October 24th is a time for worry. The public discovers Justin’s face later in the day through a wanted notice released by police, accompanied by the following description: “Chestnut hair, medium length, smooth. Bright Eyes. Height: 1.65 m. Build: thin. Dress code: Pastel pink dress and white Converse shoes. The family’s writing is a little more open. “Justine spent the night at the La Charrette nightclub and has not shown any signs of life since then. It is not in his habit not to report. »

Trip to Brive once a month

Squeezing with friends, going to a nightclub, Justine Vayrac, a young mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy, who lives in Tauriac in the Lot, allows herself to do this once a month in Brive. , where she studied as a nursing assistant. “He dropped out of the course a few weeks before last spring’s exam. It wasn’t for him. Since then, she has been taking care of her younger son. He always announces when he goes out. On Saturday, he was supposed to return to join his girlfriend after an evening in Tauriac,” his mother, Marina, also informed the media.

This evening begins on Saturday in Vincent, where a friend met seven months ago at a local bar. Since then, this boy had formed a real friendship with Justine. The young woman had become his confidant.

“He always had a smile on his face. He often listened to me. That evening we got ready to go out at my house. We put on some music. He was dancing, sharing her good mood as usual. It’s one of the best moments I’ve had with him, and it’s the last. »

Vincent, Justin’s friend

After going to Le Local bar with Marie, Theo, and Justine, Vincent, who is working the next day, will not leave the rest of the group at La Charrette, a nightspot well known to night owls in the area. Inside, Justin has a few drinks. “I told him to be careful if he wants to go home later. Then I lost sight of him,” says Mari. In the midst of these glasses, Justine discovers a strange taste in a glass of champagne. “Justine gave me a taste of her drink, but I didn’t find anything special,” says Theo, who had no side effects that night.

Justine, she is not feeling well and asks to leave the nightclub with Theo. Lucas L joins the two revelers around 4 am. When a young woman vomits and wants to sleep in her car, a young farmer living 20 km away in Beynat invites Justin’s friends to enjoy the evening. . He will look after her. I still asked him for his phone number and told him to contact me if necessary.” Then there is no reason to suspect Lucas L. But this is the last time Justine is seen alive.

Justine Vayrac. Social media images.

Lucas L., a man known for justice

He and the young woman know each other. They met several times in Brive, always at parties. Lucas L., 21, likes to party. This is how they describe him in the football team, in Beynat. Moreover, when he is called to the match, it happens that the defender is noticed for his delays. His impulsive reactions also characterize him. Justice already knows that. The young man was charged in connection with the arson case in Saint-Hilaire-Peyroux in 2020 and placed in the pre-trial detention center. In the summer of 2020, after an argument with his boss, a young agricultural worker came of age. he would burn down the barn. “These facts are disputed, I announce that we will ask to be released,” warns his lawyer Michel Labrousse.

Justine Vayrac’s murder: “Lucas does not have a split personality,” according to lawyer Me Labrousse

Half an hour after leaving Justin in his car, Theo leaves La Charrette to check on the young woman. The vehicle has not moved, but Justine is no longer there, and neither is Lucas L. She disturbs the young man by calling him. First, Lucas L. tells her that he’s not staying with Justine. Then, a few hours later, while with another young woman, Lucas L. explains to her friends that Justine is with a man, a certain Noé, according to a message received on social networks. “I have other things to do,” he cut in.

“The strange thing was that Justine, who was not a whistleblower, answered his calls and not the others.”

Theo (Justin’s friend)

suspicious behavior

On Sunday, around 1 p.m., Justin’s phone stopped ringing. His relatives fall into the direct messaging system. Lucas L., for his part, goes to his team’s game as a young man invested in his football club. The meeting takes place in Saint-Jalus, a 50-minute drive from his home. “He came on his own initiative, he was not on the match sheet,” said AS Beynat president. A behavior that was not in his habits. Was the guy trying to create an alibi?

Theo isn’t the only one who finds Lucas L.’s explanations suspicious. His guess raises the suspicions of the city’s security police. The farmer, who heard for the first time as a simple witness, saw the police knocking on his door on Tuesday. He tries to escape, but is arrested at 9:45 a.m. and taken into police custody, “to verify the procedural elements and cross-examine the elements collected at this stage,” Brive’s charge shows.Lucas L.’s home in Beynat was searched. Photo by Stephanie Para.

Intensive research in Eyzat-Haut

The elements discovered in Eyzat-Haut, where the family’s hillside farm has been turned into a radical camp, are startling: traces of “poorly cleaned” blood in a room, and others found burned on the drive arm of his car, next to Justin’s wallet. home At the same time, coroner’s investigators Lucas L.

The young man alternates between moments of coldness, moments when he seems distant from Justin’s fate, and moments of fever. He confronts the elements found in his home and the statements of witnesses, including the young woman with whom he spent the rest of the night and Sunday morning. He heard the phone ring in his car, but Lucas L. didn’t rush to pick it up. He hasn’t admitted it yet. It’s just a matter of time.

Justine case: suspect Lucas L. is charged with rape, kidnapping and murder

Lucas L’s confessions, at least

Meanwhile, all the means are concentrated around his house. On Wednesday, in Eyzat-Haut, the stamps on its front door already indicate a day’s search. The goal is to find Justin’s body and search the area as much as possible: students of the gendarmerie school check the woods, divers check the ponds, helicopters and drones equipped with thermal cameras are also mobilized.In a place called Eyzat-Haut, a team of dogs. Photo by Stephanie Para.

A few hours after the end of police surveillance, Lucas L. at least confesses to the murder. He denies the assault and talks about the fatal blow to the victim. He ends by showing the place where he buried the body using a farm machine. It is found late Thursday morning. Limoges prosecutor Baptiste Porcher said, “The first findings allow multiple blows to the face, including blunt weapons.” An autopsy will reveal a few days later that the young woman was also strangled to death. Lucas L. is being held in a pretrial detention center in Tulle, accused of forcible confinement, rape and murder.Gendarmerie is searching in Beynat forest. Photo by Stephanie Para.

Amazing area

This is the fear in Tauriac, where the young woman lives, in Brive, where she hangs out, and in Beynat, where the defendant’s family is well known. Justine’s investigation, which was made public by her family in the hope of finding her alive, lived for a week depending on the fate of the young woman. In Beynat it is a general wonder. “Usually, it’s somewhere else,” says a shopkeeper from the village soberly. Its mayor, Jean-Michel Monteil, knows the case will leave its mark. His team set up a psychological support cell a day after the revelations. The football club canceled all weekend games after the murder.

White procession for Justine Vayrac in Saint-Céré: “This could be my daughter, my niece”

In Brive, the Charrette nightclub, where flower beds are gathered, has closed its doors for two consecutive weekends “out of respect for Justine”. This is not a holiday, but a time for reflection.Justine Vayrac criminal case, placing flowers in front of La Charrette night club.

In Tauriac, the municipality collected flowers sent from all over France for a week. After Justin’s funeral last Friday, 500 people, friends, relatives, anonymous people paid tribute to him in Saint-Céré on Sunday. A single chant in the leaden silence: “Justice for Justine.”

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