Lola Senoble finds her balance between the banks of the Loire and cars

Talkative, smiling, bubbly?; in sound and sight?; Lola Senoble is a small piece of young woman with dynamism and communicative energy.

Spending a one-on-one moment full of hopes and dreams with the young Neversoise, who will celebrate her 25th birthday in a little more than two months in the spring, is like walking the paths of the banks of the Loire. It broadens your horizons and allows you to immerse yourself in the roar of the last wild river.

My commitment to Nievre was passed down to me by my father.

Ah, the Loire and its ever-moving waters, the natural element that propels the young woman forward. For those who grew up in a house facing the Loire, an almost reassuring element that accompanies them from childhood. It is not necessary to continue the discussion for a long time to understand that Lola is connected to Nevers, Nièvre and this river that carries so much power within it.

“My father passed me the attachment to Nievre. My paternal grandmother was from Nievre. My father was born in the Paris area. He returned to Nevers in the 80s.”

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His father, his general attachment to Nevers and the Loire; another driving force binds the father-daughter pair. A buzzing element, this one a few kilometers from Nevers. Just follow the windings of the Loire, stopping at Magny-Cours and its mythical race circuit. A separate corner that will occupy a lot of space in Lola’s life.

“The flight was bad”

Do you ever follow me, am I running away from you?; Never run away from me, I’m watching you. This damnable diptych could very well apply to the love story woven between Lola Senoble and Nevers. In high school, Lola, in the movie version, dreams of only one thing: to escape from Nevers. The first trip to Clermont-Ferrand during college to become a journalist was a shock. “The flight was bad. The first weeks were very difficult. My brother was with me, but it wasn’t enough. A woman who grew up opposite the Loire, watching her escape from Nevers every morning?; “I saw nothing,” Clermont-Ferrand. The student returned to Nevers every weekend, happy to “find my little habits and the calmness I didn’t have in Clermont”.

A young woman with a license in hand to improve in the field of information and communication for two years “still majoring in info-com, journalism” is leaving for Lyon. The capital of the Gauls suits him well. The proximity and influence of the Rhône and the Saone was enough to replace the Loire for a while.

Stay at Nevers, return to Lyons

Lola takes her professional path, her first steps in print media. Experiences that will lead him Central Journalhour Western France. Student life closes. Covid is falling.

On the last day of classes, President Macron announced the closure of universities. “I still had experience and protection.” Lola returns to Nevers “to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix with my father”. The test is cancelled. Lola wanted to go back to Lyon. Finally, he will spend his imprisonment between Nièvre and Cher. A decision that will be “very good”.

Trained in Monaco

Disinfection time is approaching. Lola goes to Monaco to intern at a newspaper (pure player). Who Says Monaco Says Formula 1 Grand Prix Lola’s interest in motor sports is becoming more and more active. “One day I watched the Singapore Grand Prix with my father. I was like, ‘Wow.’ It was all the technical side that fascinated him. The internship period in Monaco gives important ideas about his future: “Do I continue journalism? “.

At the end of the internship, he returns to Nevers in November 2020. He gives himself a month to rest, a good time to question the pros and cons. Return to Lyon or not? Find a job in the press and go abroad?; the way it is set. A path that will make an unstoppable exit from the path that first registers at Pôle Emploi. “During the interview with my adviser, I tell him my interests: motor sports and artistic crafts.”

Two weeks later, he responded to an offer at Ligier Automotive in Magny-Cours. Some information was taken; this suggestion is almost a dream. He sends his CV. Lola holds the position of communications officer. First a one-year CDD, he gets into the rhythm of the car season and goes to the laps at Castelet, Le Mans 24 Hours, Monza, Spa-Francorchamps. In March, he signed the CDI. “So I’m staying at Nevers forever.”

I miss it when I come back from trips. Here I find peace and quiet to recharge my batteries

Lola Senoble (blank)

His vision is illuminated. “Recently I was traveling in Portugal in the Portimao area. About fifty cars worked on Ligier. All went to Magny-Cours. Some of them take place in the American championships.

Nevers, facing the Loire, “remains a place of refuge for those who are convinced that I will leave Nevers. I miss it when I come back from trips. Here I find peace and quiet to recharge my batteries »

Lola Senoble on three dates

December 17, 1997

Born in Cosne-sur-Loire. “They were following my mother in Kosne. I have always lived in Nevers. I have always lived on the banks of the Loire.”

September 2015

He leaves for Clermont-Ferrand to get higher education. “My flight, but I wasn’t ready.”

March 2021

Lola Senoble got her first job, “I became a communications officer at Ligier Automotive, Magny-Cours.”

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