In Toulouse, a car without two plates is raining tickets for illegal parking: here is what level

Since August, drivers who do not pay for parking have been targeted by unmarked vehicles in the ANPR system. More than 35 thousand PVs were sent to drivers in September. (©David Saint-Sernin/Actu Toulouse)

They entered service in the heart of summer, on August 16, 2022, no doubt to the indifference of the inhabitants of Toulouse. The two unmarked cars They have been at work for almost two months in Toulouse, fighting against drivers who do not pay for paid parking on the streets of the city.

On-board license plate reading

Recall that these cars a ANPR monitoring system, or Semi-Automatic License Reading. The so-called built-in technology that enables them reads the tiles automatically Parked vehicles and direct motorist tickets or refer to the subscription database. Observed violations are then reported by a sworn agent on board the vehicle.

More frequent inspections

According to Toulouse Métropole, two cars that have been running on the city’s asphalt for a few weeks have already demonstrated the system’s effectiveness.

Today we can check every paid parking space in Toulouse. This system clearly allows certain areas to be checked more frequently and improves the circulation rate of cars in the respective parking spaces. This allows staff to be freed up to carry out more inspections, for example in blue zones and around local stores more widely.

Emilion EsnaultToulouse city hall deputy for security

It’s raining VPs

The statistics speak for themselves. Since the start of the academic year in September, the dilettantism of Toulouse residents has really been highlighted by the computer tool when it comes to getting through the parking meter box. And it’s raining VPs.

“During the entire month of September 2022, LAPI’s first full month of operation, we conducted 90,533 inspections at paid parking lots and 35,322 Post-parking packages, i.e. about 1/3 of the inspections performed“, Toulouse Métropole announces.

For comparison, let’s note that in 2021, about 160,000 were released after Parking. The growth is clear. A €30 fine for those who don’t pay or exceed the allowed parking time, the City’s toll collectors can rub their hands.

1221 Request for appeal

Some Toulouse people are a little less…

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“During the same period, we recorded 1,221 requests for Mandatory Preliminary Administrative Appeals (RAPOs): this represents 1.34% of inspections carried out and 3.5% of FPS issued. This ratio has been stable since 2018 compared to that observed in the RAPO (without LAPI)”, concludes Toulouse Métropole:

“It turned out that there were some errors in the reference of resident subscribers on some of these applications. So, in several cases, the system did not inform about the validity of the subscriptions during the preliminary check.
After the research, the problem of transferring the computer from one system to another has already been solved.”

New cars in 2023

With those few technical hiccups resolved, according to Emilion Esnault, the City will now accelerate the implementation of the ANPR device after the first phase of “maturation”.

An ANPR system from two unmarked vehicles should be based quickly a turnover of four to five cars.

Probably, new cars will be put into circulation in the city from 2023.

How do I appeal a post-parking confiscation (FPS)?

In the event of a dispute, the user may refer to the RAPO service (community-mandatory pre-administrative appeal) as provided by law. The procedure remains the classic and normal route: either teleservice (via the Internet) or paper mail. After receiving the dispute, the RAPO department approves or invalidates the FPS. If the community accepts the user’s request, the FPS is canceled. “The analysis of the requests made by the services allows us to identify any malfunctions in the system; thus, each file is carefully processed to support the elements that we have. There is no need to refund users because there is no upfront payment for the application. post-parking package (FPS). With this so, if the user has paid for the FPS before applying, of course the FPS amount will be refunded later,” Toulouse Metropolis explains.


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