Hubert Lenoir divides it like Charlebois or Leloup before him

The provocateur – although he refuses this adjective – is atypical, fundamentally free, plays with male and female codes in appearance… For four years, Hubert Lenoir has been using his own artistic universe, which polarizes each other. spirits with their frenzy and frankness.

Pop music has been around for a very long time with subversiveness that shocks but is ultimately confused by the standards accepted by the general public., explains Alain Brunet. This columnist and music critic, founder and chief operating officer of music platform PAN M 360, cites the example of the Beatles, Robert Charlebois.

Hubert Lenoir, the new Charlebois?

If you are a singer Lindbergh now a legend in Quebec, his innovative music, hair style, and profanity-laden songs caused controversy in the late 1960s.

We forget how shocked Robert Charlebois was at the time. »

quote from Félix B. Desfossés, music journalist

Columnists and cultural experts destroyed him on the square, many hated him, and he took a very provocative position by using swear words in his songs.he notes.

Additionally, Robert Charlebois honored Hubert Lenoir at the SPACQ Foundation (Professional Society of Quebec Authors and Composers) Gala in September.

I think you will shine for a long time, you are a revolutionaryAnnouncing the 78-year-old artist to him, Hubert Lenoir was registered in the line of Trenet, Aznavour and Ferré, who, according to him, broke the established order before establishing themselves as classics.

For Félix B. Desfossés, there is no doubt: Hubert Lenoir is our generation’s Robert Charlebois.

He states that these two characters have the same influence on their generation. Charlebois was an emancipator for young people who felt uncomfortable in a very hermetic Quebec, and in an increasingly conservative society, Hubert Lenoir and his total eclecticism come as a counterpoint to a younger generation trying to break free from labels. , gender among others.

Hubert Lenoir also reminds me of David Bowie and Prince, especially with androgyny, but also Pierre Lapointe in his early days. He also came with an assertive personality and a special sense of humor.Philippe Rezzonico, music columnist for Radio-Canada notes.

It was banned from the airwaves by some Quebec radio stations during its launch Liar In 1989, the eccentric Jean Leloup was also far from unanimous at the start, especially because of swearing. Although not as provocative as Hubert Lenoir, many people thought Jean Leloup was strange, explains Félix B. Desfossés. He created many reactions in his time in a free and imaginative way.

A voice saybut great talent

If Hubert Lenoir displeased a good part of the public with his attitude, his musical talent is also misunderstood by some and by others. If an artist is often measured by his vocal abilities, his voice is partly to blame. Hubert Lenoir is not a great singer, says Alain Brunet. His voice is quite average.

Moreover, the latter did not immediately succumb to the music of Hubert Lenoir. When he emerged, he found that he had more flaws than qualities. Darlene in 2018. He was wrong, he admitted today. You have to stay open.

If we stick to our original perception, we often miss the mark. You should follow us, see how the artist develops, go see him in concert, listen carefully beyond our superficial irritations.

After a more popular first album, Hubert Lenoir began PICTURA DE IPSE: direct music In 2021, for this he received 7 Felix this year. A disc that mixes hip-hop, RnB and electro sounds with pop artistically speaking and highly integrated in an avant-garde approachexplains Félix B. Desfossés, who does not hesitate to rate the artist as a genius.

He came with full courage and ambition. It took us to a completely different place. It was very risky!

Despite a disrespectful look, and even sometimes I don’t care, Hubert Lenoir is far from being involved in music. He has a lot of inspiration and interest, he works hard, explains Alain Brunet. His beating it is very strong.

He is his own artistic director, he continues. It is capable of changing our perception of Quebec pop as a whole.

Adding to his musical prowess is the ability to explode his talent on stage.

If you don’t like Hubert Lenoir, go see him. He does not give up anything on stage, where the artist and his character get their full meaning.Philippe Philippe Rezzonico says.

He is an animal of the stage, he wants to destroy the fourth wall that exists between him and the public, adds Félix B. Desfossés. This is in the perspective of artistic creation from A to Z, from the album to the delivery to the stage.

The future pillar of Quebec song?

That’s why we haven’t heard about this 28-year-old artist, who we might one day be considered a legend like the great Robert Charlebois.

Alain Brunet says that the process of creating a new standard is underway. The opinion of the complaining people will matter less and less, and Hubert Lenoir will gradually reach a certain consensus and become a pillar of French-speaking Quebec music.

Meanwhile, Hubert Lenoir is also credited with stirring up the Quebec music scene.He adds that he is part of the creative movement that Quebec desperately needs to avoid falling into a consensus republic and a soft center. It’s great that Hubert Lenoir came to stir the cage!

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