Despite the shortage of gasoline, electric cars are still not the solution

The automotive sector is moving towards 100% electric. But even if France faces gasoline shortages, electricity is still not the answer.

More in 2035 thermal cars neither plug-in hybrids in Europe. If all goes well, the European Union will continue on its way 100% electric. However, to be really sure, We will have to wait until 2026. After that, we will know whether the big change will come into force from 2035 or we will have to wait another ten years. For now, though many problems caused by gasoline, not an electric car It’s not a magic solution yet. And you don’t have to look far to find out why.

Rising prices

There is nothing to say, but electric cars remain the prerogative of people who earn to this day salary is above the norm. For good reason, these electric vehicles have only increased in price since they hit the market.

For example, in 2019The Tesla Model 3 costs approx €30,000. In 2021this car was spinning about 40,000 euros. It will be necessary to pay today about 50,000 euros To buy this electric car model.

On the side of other manufacturers, things are not so good.

Every year, prices only increase, but the purchasing power of the French does not correspond to this logic.

Autonomy and charging problem

So it is clear that there are no electric cars it is not intended for everyone, risk of suffering after purchase. In that case, aren’t thermal cars better than electric cars, which cost a lot of money. environmental benefit? Should we sacrifice our financial balance for ecology? This remains a question in itself.

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Autonomy and charging problem

Aside from ever-increasing prices (and not likely to drop), range and charging of electric cars is a problem.

If you only use your car to go to work and go home, there is no problem. But if you have to browse long distance by electric caryou are ready to perform way of the cross. For good reason, electric cars on the market are not yet designed for long distances (about 200 km). And there, let’s not talk about network of charging stations.

These infrastructures are not yet adapted to allow everyone to drive electric on a daily basis and without problems.

Apart from the main highways, a lot Hard to find a charging station. When found, its value is another matter: it obeys no rules. Everyone has their own price. And during holidays or festive periods ? The terminals are full. You have to wait for long hours. A real waste of time. Delay is inevitable!

Full charging stations

Even when traveling alonea short distance, the problem of autonomy and charging still arises. It is not yet available to everyone plug in your car go home in the evening and pick it up tomorrow. Unless you live in a detached house with a garage.

Now we can talk The energy crisis that still shakes France .

So, stop by 100% electric or rechargeable hybrid?

Ecological argumentis the only one that holds for the moment. And it’s true, we need to act for our planet. But even here, electric cars are not completely safe for the environment:

  • Electricity is not always clean;
  • Most manufacturing facilities in China are coal-fired;
  • Extraction of metals for the production of batteries.

Conclusion: the electric car does not completely solve the environmental problem; however, it is less polluting.

But more than confirming sudden, hard transitionand also ditch the plug-in hybrid cars, they can be really useful. They really are A happy medium between 100% electric and thermal vehicles.

Compared to plug-in hybrid cars, environmental pollution is reduced gasoline cars. In addition, they are not as expensive as electric cars. This makes the transition simple and less difficult for everyone.

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