DeSantis card, MAGA candidates fail … Donald Trump 2024 vision weakened

From our correspondent in the US,

During the midterm elections, nothing happened as Donald Trump had hoped. A red tide was set to sweep the House, intending to place MAGA foals in key positions for the next presidential election and triumphantly announce his candidacy next Tuesday. Instead, Republicans underperformed, swing states rejected the most extreme conspiratorial candidates, and Ron DeSantis’ victory turned the Florida governor into a potentially formidable challenger to fratricide. .

Be careful before you bury Donald Trump. He remains ultra-popular with the Republican base. If Congress had been uncertain, Republicans had a favorable vote in the House on Tuesday and could still win the Senate from Democrats, a scenario that would allow the former president to limit the damage. But there’s blood in the water, and the sharks — from moderate Republican lawmakers to Fox News — are ready to feast.

Positive attitude

Donald Trump, who has been silent all morning and “furious” about the gossip, reacted on Truth Social. In a rare case of this difficult “positive thinking” borrowed from pastor Norman Vincent Peale, the former president admitted that the results of this election were “somewhat disappointing”. For others. “From a personal point of view, it was a big win,” he says.

In support of mathematics, he says that the candidates he supports have won 219 to 16 defeats. Exaggerated flattery ratio and above all misleading. Although he owns a casino in Vegas, Donald Trump is not a gambler. If he remains the kingmaker in the primaries, he often backs a candidate who is sure to win. Either in a heavily red state like Alabama or South Dakota, or in a specially drawn district in the House or local legislature.

CNN collected speeches from candidates who cast doubt on Joe Biden’s victory and/or perpetuate the myth of fraud in the 2020 election. Donald Trump’s score is 21 wins to 24 losses, not just by district, but by state polls (governor, senator, secretary of state). . And if we only look at the “swing states”, you have to deceive a less centrist electorate.

Trump’s “work”

Thus, far-right candidate Doug Mastriano led by 14 points in Pennsylvania. Don Bolduc, 9, in New Hampshire. Ditto for Tudor Dixon in Michigan, which is dominated by Trump nemesis Gretchen Whitmer. Dr. Oz lost to John Fetterman, who suffered a stroke. In Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Virginia, the Trumpers failed. Their fate in Arizona and Nevada remains uncertain. Finally, only JD Vance did really well in Ohio, where Trump won by 8 points against Clinton and Biden.

Last summer, Mitch McConnell criticized the “quality” of the Republican candidates fielded in the primaries, mostly political novices pledging allegiance to “The Don.” “You can’t nominate candidates who can’t appeal to voters outside of a narrow base,” Sen. Pat Toomey, a moderate Republican of Pennsylvania, said Wednesday. “The more MAGA the candidates had, the worse they performed in their states,” he said, denouncing “the failure that Donald Trump is responsible for.”

Ron “Future” DeSantis

To make matters worse, this Trump disappointment comes as Ron DeSantis, whom Donald Trump helped greatly in 2018, won Florida by nearly 20 points in a landslide. To the point of winning Miami-Dade, a predominantly Hispanic state where Trump lost 7 points to Biden and 29 points to Clinton.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, surrounded by his wife and three children, was easily re-elected on November 8, 2022. – Dave Decker//SIPA

According to polls taken from the ballot box, DeSantis won 57% of the Latino vote, winning not only the traditionally conservative Cuban diaspora, but also the Puerto Rican electorate. Unheard of for a candidate ideologically close to Donald Trump, but with the discipline of a Harvard-educated ex-Navy lawyer seemingly no less obnoxious to independents.

All day Fox News sang its praises and New York PostAlso owned by the Murdoch family, “Ron DeFuture” made the cover. Sensing that the threat in the Gulf of Mexico is intensifying like a hurricane, Donald Trump, who ruled out postponing his announcement, made a veiled threat: “I don’t know if he’s going to run. But if he does, I will reveal unpleasant things about him. I know more about him than anyone, except maybe his wife,” Joe Biden, strengthened after these midterms, already pulled out popcorn, having fun at a press conference about this potential duel: “It will be fun to watch them compete. ! »

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